Zhendre WIC Mono Block Cold Room: Superior Vaccine Storage Solutions

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Zhendre WIC Mono Block Cold Room – Premium Solution for Vaccine Storage

  • An exclusively designed, high-efficiency walk-in cold room providing optimal vaccine storage.
  • Ensures precise temperature control, maintaining values between 2°C to 8°C.
  • A prefabricated unit delivering ease of assembly and prompt setup.
  • Guarantees safety with robust overcurrent/overvoltage protection and reliable voltage control relay.
  • Employs R134a, an eco-friendly and CFC-free refrigerant gas.
  • Features an advanced thermostat adhering to the ITS-90 standard for high-accuracy temperature monitoring.
  • Houses user-friendly elements such as a slip-resistant hexagonal floor and energy-efficient LED lighting.
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Superior Vaccine Storage Solution with Zhendre WIC Mono Block Cold Room

Prioritize security, potency, and integrity of your vaccines with the Zhendre WIC Mono Block Cold Room. This unit is devised to offer a formidable solution to vaccine storage requirements in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Impeccably crafted, it provides a generous storage capacity of 30m3 with effortless setup procedures.

  • The unit offers a comprehensive temperature range of 2u00b0C to 8u00b0C, which is optimal for the preservation of a broad spectrum of vaccines.
  • Equipped with a dynamic dual refrigeration system, it ensures unswerving temperature control, reinforced with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
  • The adaptable voltage control relay and eco-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gas, R134a, enhances the unit's efficiency and environmental compatibility.
  • Accuracy in temperature control is guaranteed by the thermostat calibrated to the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90) with an admirable accuracy of u00b1 0.5u00b0C.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency is achieved through robust 100mm insulation, which ensures a U-value of 0.223 W/m2K, supplemented by a non-slip, sturdy, and safe hexagonal phenolic resin floor.
  • The Cold Room is equipped with a gas pressure thermometer for built-in temperature monitoring, energy-saving LED luminaires, and an alarm system.
  • Safety and seamless operation are guaranteed by a two-year warranty, an inclusive Cold Chain Support Package, and a spare parts package to ensure hassle-free operation.
  • The unit adheres to safety and electromagnetic compatibility directives and comes with an inclusive Material Safety Data Sheet.

Choose the Zhendre WIC Mono Block Cold Room today to ensure top-notch vaccine storage solutions.

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