On demand manufacturing to mass scale.

Our mission

Connect buyers to manufacturers

We’re on a mission to connect buyers to manufacturers capable of mass-producing the most frequently used commodities, on demand. 

Worldwide mass production

Fast and efficient manufacturing

Frequently used commodities

Centralized purchasing

We work faster

Advanced supply chain management

At the nucleus of our revolutionary approach is a distinct focus to meet our customer’s procurement needs globally.

We know the complexities of navigating through government procurement procedures and legislative requirements. Seeking manufacturers that can responsibly produce quality-controlled products that meet local regulations, at the right price, in the right quantities and at the right time often proves to be a complex task. We take care of this, with one complete end-to-end solution.

It’s simple

Our approach

Connecting buyers to manufacturers capable of producing commodities to mass scale.

As a result, we’re able to pass on the associated benefits of mass production to a centralized buying source. And the best thing is, we’ll manage the entire manufacturing and procurement process for you, maxing out on efficiency, value and quality at every single touchpoint to offer significant time and cost savings.


Discover the benefits of centralized purchasing

By investing in on-demand manufacturing across the globe, we’re meeting the need for faster, more reliable and regulated on-demand manufacturing solutions.

Maximise buying

We bring demand from a centralized buying source, connecting you to new and exclusive opportunities to maximise buying power. 

We work to:

  • Identify saving opportunities by leveraging economies of scale
  • Lower delivery charges through bulk purchasing
  • Access local discounts directly from the manufacturer 
  • Reduce maverick spending and costs associated with duplicated or redundant efforts

Increasing the qualitative product

Whilst much of our approach to mass production of frequently used commodities involves thinking big, we never lose sight of the end-user. Each individual product counts.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we commit to quality. Working with manufacturers, ProcureNet is able to curate standardized commodities that can be mass-produced via parallel production. As a result, you’re provided with seamless, on-demand access to consistent, reliable, quality-controlled product feature sets.

All of our manufacturers and suppliers are able to produce products to relevant government regulatory standards, ensuring the highest qualitative standards to commodity for your end-users.

Where to next?

Browse available commodities

Purchase from a list of pre-approved products we’re able to mass-produce and supply on-demand.

Submit a manufacturing request

Tell us about the commodity you’d like to manufacture, and we’ll connect you to the most suitable manufacturers on our on-demand platform.