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Driving the tech-enabled era of on-demand manufacturing.

Manufacturing revolution

Connecting buyers to manufacturers

As the world hits a critical turning point in the manufacturing revolution, ProcureNet is leading the way with an advanced on-demand tech-enabled solution like no other. 

Short story

What is ProcureNet?

ProcureNet is a fast-growing unicorn, offering a next-level tech-enabled solution changing the way manufacturing and commerce co-exist.

We connect government authorities, international organizations and large businesses to a vast network of pre-approved on-demand manufacturers that produce the world’s most sought-after commodities at rapid speed and tremendous scale. 

Parent of Medriva 

Medriva manufactures and produces two lines of products: In Vitro Diagnostics and Injections & Infusion. The division utilizes all of ProcureNet’s technology for its rapid scale manufacturing capabilities.

Building better supply chains

Our mission

Invest in the growth of global manufacturers and their communities

Support innovators to bring products to market faster

Connect buyers to pre-approved manufacturers at an accelerated speed

Help buyers to get the best value and qualitative product for end-users


The ProcureNet story so far 

ProcureNet was founded in 2020 by CEO and Chair Gurbaksh Chahal

At the start of our journey, the vision was to be the leading platform for pharmaceutical materials and vaccine consumables. 

Under its Injections & Infusions division, the Company is on track to manufacturer and distribute over two billion auto-disabled syringes for its clients that include multi-country buying organizations: PAHO, UNICEF, WHO, and the ministries of health for over 20 countries across Asia, Europe & Oceania.

Mass production

Our part in fighting the pandemic

We’ve connected with manufacturers across the world to source mass production of commodities such as face masks, syringes and PPE during the height of the pandemic.

ProcureNet’s proud efforts had a huge part to play in aiding hundreds of millions of citizens across six continents to help fight COVID-19.

We were able to respond quickly to global demand at a time when the world most needed it. Because of this, we started to consider how we could extend this service out to wider markets, whilst actively improving the supply chain with a solution for overcoming common issues faced by mass-scale commodity buyers.

We go further

Issue led problem-solving with bigger thinking and better focus

We broke down the real issues that buyers across the globe are facing, day in-day out.  

From staying attuned and keeping up with industry demand, sourcing reliable manufacturers able to consistently meet qualitative standards and dodging spikes in transportation costs, to ensuring the whole process happens on time with real-time visibility, we’re aware of the common hurdles popping up across international supply chains and the impacts they have.

Our customers’ needs are clear, but what’s even clearer is the need to shape up the world of manufacturing with better, faster and more accurate solutions that work for all. We turned our attention to tackling supply chain issues head-on. The focus had to shift, considering the entire end-to-end operation of an on-demand supply chain. And, with that, ProcureNet 2.0 was born. 

We deliver

A buyer-centric approach

Our platform offers an easier way for all, navigating the common complexities, dealing with the bitty bits and speeding up the manufacturing process whilst offering buyers an honest and transparent view of the supply chain.

The result? A smoother, more concentrated approach to global manufacturing.

It’s a winning formula that combines the best of what we’ve got; a highly sophisticated AI tech-enabled platform, a pool of talented people and strong and invested relationships with thousands of manufacturers and logistics partners. 


Meet the people behind ProcureNet

Gurbaksh Chahal

Chairman & CEO

ProcureNet was founded in 2020 by CEO and Chair, Gurbaksh Chahal.

The four-time successful entrepreneur set out to create a leading procurement platform for pharmaceutical materials and vaccine consumables. He quickly became attuned to the fact that the wider global manufacturing industry needed to shape up, and remodeled the ProcureNet approach to factor in the whole global manufacturing picture.

By utilizing his vast network, together with ground-breaking technology, Chahal created the on-demand, end-to-end, manufacturing platform that ProcureNet has become renowned for today. Not only does the platform help to give buyers access to qualitative, value-driven commodities at rapid speed and scale, but it also works to support manufacturers and their communities across the globe. Click here to read the rest of our story.

Remy Yan

Director, Partnerships

After graduating from an engineering firm, Remy has gone on to gain a wealth of experience, with more than 20 years in procurement and 10 years+ in MNC in product development. With hands-on experience in a range of different eCommerce marketplaces, Remy is a firm believer that innovation comes from thinking outside the box and that is why Remy plays a pivotal role within the company.

Sophia Yip

Head of Finance

Sophia is a highly driven professional with 15+ years of experience leading the finance functions in high-growth organizations. She is a strong leader who is results-oriented and always leads with integrity and determination. Sophia is an expert in building and growing Finance teams, strategic business planning, finance reporting management, etc. With her vast experience in e-commerce startups as well as sizable MNC, her understanding of business principles and practices will make her another great asset on the ProcureNet team!

Ellis Wong

Director, Supply Chain

Ellis Wong has over 25 years of experience in a wide range of sales support functions, from supply chains to new product development. He has experience with a range of sizeable organisations such as Li & Fung Group. Ellis also has a large variety of hands-on experience gained in the past decade in mainland China.

Ellis is the director of our customer success and will work closely with many of our major partners like UNICEF and PAHO.

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