Bridging the gap between supply and demand.

One of the greatest procurement challenges is sourcing manufacturers who are able to create commodities that meet new and evolving demands.

ProcureNet takes a proactive approach to overcoming supply chain issues. We’re breaking down the barriers, responding to these ever-pressing challenges and adapting to changes in demand by directly investing in manufacturing at source. The result? 

Quicker, on-demand manufacturing that guarantees value, quality and cost savings at mass scale

Fast & Reliable

On demand manufacturing powered by investment

By investing in on-demand manufacturing across the globe, we’re meeting the need for faster, more reliable and regulated on-demand manufacturing solutions.

The ProcureNet manufacturing process:

Manufacturer requirements

Complete transparency obtained from the get-go

Carrying out a thorough vetting process, delving into historic track records and checking that manufacturers are able to produce products in alignment with relevant certification and legislative criteria, we start off on the right foot, prior to investing. 

This is one of the most integral steps in establishing a water-tight supply chain. We reduce risk and ensure that we pass on confidence in our own accountability to you, our customers, and end-users.

Direct investment

Working side-by-side with manufacturers

By providing financial investment as well as technical, innovative and operational support, we give manufacturers a quicker route to market, additional exposure to worldwide buyers and opportunities to secure high demand manufacturing contracts. And you, the buyer, can manufacture commodities exactly when you need them.

Across our end-to-end platform, our manufacturer’s growth and development is equally as important as our customer’s needs. We cultivate well-established, supported relationships that dynamically benefit manufacturing demand at all stages of the supply chain.

Standardize and scale

Manufacturing that’s on-demand ready

In turn, this achieves consistency, increases the qualitative product for end-users and boosts buying power when selling via a centralized buying source.

To rapidly respond to fluctuations in demand, we use this standardized blueprint to parallel produce products across a set of pre-qualified manufacturers. We’re able to pivot with demand, successfully helping buyers to mass-produce highly sought after products when needed whilst offering superior flexibility to both customers and the manufacturing network.

Our support

How we’re supporting manufacturers

By investing in manufacturing, we’re creating positive impacts within businesses and their surrounding communities.

We’re committed to helping manufacturers with promising potential to do more, go further and grow alongside manufacturing demand. Our investment is also supporting the social and economical development of manufacturing communities. We’re helping to create new employment opportunities, implement sustainable corporate practice across manufacturing processes and boost social and community development.

ProcureNet in numbers


new jobs created


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