Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) Fluoromethyl Ketone - Highly Effective Inhibitor of Caspase-8

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  • Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone – Highly effective inhibitor of caspase-8
  • = 90% TLC, powder
  • Cell-permeable inhibitor of caspase-8
  • Exhibits competitive and irreversible inhibition
  • Chemical formula: C1230
  • Also known as Z-IETD-FMK
  • CAS Number: 220760-26-9
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Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone - Highly Effective Inhibitor of Caspase-8

The Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone is a highly effective and potent inhibitor of caspase-8, a crucial enzyme involved in apoptosis, or programmed cell death. This compound, with a purity of at least 90% as determined by thin-layer chromatography (TLC), is available in a convenient powder form for easy handling and storage. With its exceptional inhibitory properties, this product is widely used in pharmaceutical and research laboratories for studying caspase-8 and its related pathways.

Key Features:

  • Cell-permeable inhibitor of caspase-8: The Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone exhibits excellent cell permeability, allowing it to efficiently penetrate cell membranes and inhibit caspase-8 activity. This feature is crucial for studying the role of caspase-8 in various cell types and biological processes.
  • Competitive and irreversible inhibition: This compound competitively binds to the active site of caspase-8, forming a covalent bond that irreversibly inhibits its enzymatic activity. This mechanism provides long-lasting inhibition and allows for detailed analysis of caspase-8 function.

Chemical Formula:

The chemical formula of Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone is C1230. This formula represents the arrangement and types of atoms present in the compound and serves as its unique identifier in chemical nomenclature.

Also Known As:

Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone is commonly referred to as Z-IETD-FMK. This alternate name is widely used in scientific literature and research papers to denote the compound and facilitate easy recognition and communication among researchers.

CAS Number:

The CAS Number (Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number) of Z-Ile-Glu(O-ME)-Thr-Asp(O-Me) fluoromethyl ketone is 220760-26-9. This unique numerical identifier is assigned to each chemical substance and is widely used for referencing and identification purposes in scientific research and publications.

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