Advanced Xpert HPV Assay Kit - Efficient HPV DNA Detection

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The Xpert HPV Assay Kit is a prime product for DNA-based HPV detection. Packaged in sets of 10, it facilitates:

  • Automated, qualitative detection: Rapidly differentiates HPV types for precise results.
  • Identifying high-risk HPV: Vital for early prevention of extreme cases.
  • Patient data management: Enhanced diagnosis and treatment management.
  • Cepheid GeneXpert compatibility: Easily incorporated into current workflows.

With this kit, healthcare providers are able to provide necessary and thorough patient care. Note that this product does not require details on chemical formula or CAS numbers.

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Xpert HPV Assay Kit - Advanced HPV Detection Test Kit - 10 Pack

For clinicians, laboratories, and healthcare institutions committed to safeguarding patients' welfare, the Xpert HPV Assay Kit stands at the forefront of HPV testing technologies. This advanced test kit delivers leading-edge, qualitative detection and differentiation of HPV DNA, enabling accurate determination of various high-risk HPV types that are crucial for patient management strategies.

The primary component of this kit includes the Xpert HPV Assay cartridges. Designed with integrated reaction tubes, they aid in seamless, automated functionality, translating to increased efficiency in sample processing and analysis. Each cartridge is optimally designed to work in conjunction with Pap smear specimens, offering practicality and reliability throughout the testing process.

The test kit also includes disposable 1 ml transfer pipettes, enhancing workflow and improving overall testing vitality. Accompanying these components, each kit includes an informative CD containing the assay definition file and clear usage instructions.

Key Features:

  • Automated functionality: Hands-on time is significantly reduced, with accurate results delivered every time.
  • Qualitative detection: Delivers precise information related to various HPV types.
  • Use of Pap smear specimens: Practical and straightforward method of sample collection.
  • Integrated components: HPV Assay cartridges and transfer pipettes for improving efficiency and workflow.
  • Informative CD: Includes assay definition file, providing clear and comprehensive instructions for use.

Emphasizing reliability and efficiency, this kit is a crucial component of HPV patient management strategies. With its automated functionality and precise detection abilities, medical professionals find an indispensable tool in the Xpert HPV Assay Kit. When striving for the best in HPV testing, look no further than this top-quality solution.

Storage Instructions: Maintain a 2-8°C storage environment for Xpert HPV Assay cartridges and the included kit reagents. Keep in mind the shelf life of the product is 18 months. Each purchase comes with a detailed Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to ensure your safety and to provide guidelines regarding proper disposal methods.

Note: The use of this device requires a GeneXpert Dx instrument, a computer with GeneXpert Software Version 4.3 or higher, along with a barcode scanner or GeneXpert Infinity system operating with Xpertise software version 6.1 or more.

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