WYD Iodine Checker: The Ultimate Precision Device for Accurate Iodine Testing

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WYD Iodine Checker: The Ultimate Precision Device for Reliable Iodine Testing. This mutable tool caters to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors, providing meticulous iodine analysis data. Key features:

  • Superior Accuracy: Offering consistent results with a minuscule error margin of less than 2%.
  • Versatile Testing Range: Detects iodine concentrations ranging from 10 to 80 mg/kg, adaptable to varied contexts.
  • Effortless Portability: Simplifies iodine testing with its compact and user-intuitive design.

Including a comprehensive kit featuring balance, pipettes, and chemical reagents alongside easy-to-understand instructions, this device is a dependable choice across different domains seeking trustworthy iodine analysis outcomes.

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WYD Iodine Checker: A Game Changer in Precision Testing

The WYD Iodine Checker is not just a device, but a revolution in achieving precision iodine test results. This top-tier device brings reliability and accuracy to your fingertips. With its standout features and superior performance, it has become a tool of necessity across diverse industrial sectors and research labs.

Powerful Features

  • An easy-to-read single wavelength photometer ensures straightforward interpretation of results.
  • With automatic zero calibration, precision is never a second guess.
  • Its ultra-stable performance guarantees a minuscule drift of less than 0.3mg/kg within a span of 10 minutes.
  • The device is capable of testing a broad range between 10mg/kg and 80mg/kg.
  • A compact design, weighing merely 500 grams, it’s highly portable and versatile.
  • Dimensions of 175x135x60 mm make storage incredibly simple.
  • Offers power flexibility with compatibility with both AC 220V or DC 9V power sources.

How It Works:

The WYD Iodine Checker employs a universally acknowledged testing procedure. The kit comprises a balance, 50ml tubes, as well as 5ml and 10ml pipettes. Just weigh a 1-gram sample of iodized salt in the 50ml tube, blend it with the measured amount of distilled water and necessary solution, and watch as the device delivers accurate results on its LCD screen. It's imperative to remember that essential reagents like KIO3, NaCl, Na2CO3, KI, K2HPO4.3H2O, Na2B4O7.10H2O, H2SO4 (10%), and soluble starch are required, but must be acquired separately.

The WYD Iodine Checker: Unmatched Precision and Ease of Use

The WYD Iodine Checker embodies the perfect fusion of precision and functionality. It simplifies testing procedures and offers reliable results, making it an indispensable tool for iodine testing.

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