Collapsible Water Tank for Trucking - 6m³ | Efficient & Durable Water Storage Solution

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This Collapsible Water Tank for Trucking (6m³ Capacity) is specially designed for optimal water storage and distribution. It is a versatile, suitable for emergency hydration needs.

  • Constructed from UV-resistant food-grade PVC-coated polyester fabric, resistant to mildew and rot.
  • Dimensions: Measures 4m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 0.65m (H), capable of holding up to 6 tons of water.
  • Equipped with 5 robust polyester webbing straps, holding down straps, a repair kit, ground sheet, and holdall for secure setup and convenience.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for chlorinated drinking water, providing a lifesaving water supply to approximately 1,200 individuals per tank.
  • Engineered to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 70°C, even in extreme climates with proper protection.
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Collapsible Water Tank for Trucking - 6m³ Capacity: A Pioneering Solution to Your Water Storage Needs

In today's ever-evolving sectors, finding innovative, sturdy, and practical solutions is crucial. Introducing the Collapsible Water Tank for Trucking, a water storage solution powered to enhance efficiency, versatility, and durability. With its robust design, quality material composition, and wide applicability, it emerges as a trailblazing model in water conservation and distribution.

Product Overview:

  • The 6m³ (6000 liters) storage capacity ensures an adequate water supply to cater to diverse needs.
  • Constructed with a blend of UV-resistant and food-grade PVC coated polyester fabric, it exhibits optimal durability while ensuring the safety of the stored water.
  • Its compact collapse mechanism makes it a go-to solution for diverse scenarios ranging from emergency conditions to routine water distribution assignments in remote areas.

Key Features:

  • Unleashes versatility with easy installation on flat trucks or at static sites.
  • Ensures stored water safety with its food-grade material composition.
  • Exceptional resistance against mildew and rot, inhibits algal growth due to its opaque structure.
  • Withstands temperature extremities of -30°C to 70°C.
  • Forged with high-frequency welding and heat, the tank boasts enduring assembly.
  • Features overpressure relief valves (2 psi) for secure operation.
  • Integration convenience with existing water distribution systems.
  • Shielded against extreme weather conditions, it promises a protracted lifespan.
  • Environment-friendly with zero harmful by-products.
  • Capable of serving clean water to approximately 1200 people, provided regular refills.

Usage & Maintenance:

Armed with user-centric design elements, it ensures hassle-free usage and maintenance. Key considerations include flat-level platform requirement for installation, protective fencing, and possible network connections for water distribution. With effortless upkeep and easy-to-follow guidelines, it becomes a perfect partner for your water storage and transportation needs.

Final Thoughts

Choose the Collapsible Water Tank for Trucking - 6m³ Capacity for your water storage and transportation needs. With its robust construction, user-friendly design, and adaptability, it becomes a trustworthy investment promising long-term returns. Opt for efficiency, safeguard resources, and aid environmental conservation with this avant-garde water storage and transportation solution.

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