Emergency Water Purification Unit by TMH | Skid-Mounted System | Purifier for Emergency Situations

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Emergency Water Purification Unit by TMH is a skid-mounted system designed for emergency preparedness. It efficiently purifies up to 5 cbm/hr@20m of surface water, ensuring access to clean, potable water during emergencies. Key features:

  • Exceptional efficiency: treats up to 5cbm of surface water per hour
  • Comprehensive purification process: includes stages like pre-chlorination, coagulation, and disinfection
  • All-inclusive package: comes with three months of consumables, 2000 hour spare parts, water testing kits, and manuals in multiple languages

This water purification unit does not compromise on safety or efficiency, making it a reliable solution in emergency scenarios.

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Emergency Water Purification Unit by TMH - Skid-Mounted System | 5cbm/hr@20m

The Emergency Water Purification Unit, Skid-Mounted System, TMH, is a premier solution for surface water purification. This unit filters 5 cubic meters of water per hour from sources like rivers, lakes, or shallow wells, delivering potable water free from physical and bacteriological pollutants. Constructed with food-grade materials, this purification unit safeguards water purity, but is not intended to treat industrial waste or hydrocarbons.

Key Features

  • Portable setup due to skid-mounted design
  • Effective filtration system that maintains turbidity levels below 20 N.T.U, ensuring clear water
  • Delivery of contaminant-free potable water

Water Treatment Process

  • Raw water extraction and straining
  • Pre-chlorination dosing unit to start treatment (HTH not supplied)
  • Water purity enhanced through coagulation by Aluminium Sulphate
  • Flocculation to enhance filtration efficiency
  • Intensive filtration via sand and activated carbon filters
  • Final disinfection through chlorination to ensure microbial purity

Package Contents

  • Essential consumables for at least three months
  • Selected spare parts for normal operation of up to 2000 hours
  • Necessary tools for maintenance and operation
  • A visual water testing kit for consistent quality checks
  • Comprehensive manuals in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic

Additional Purchase Options

Broaden the unit's functionality with purchasable supplies and add-ons:

  • Sedimentation Kit
  • Distribution kit with adaptable water storage tanks and hoses
  • Convenient one-axle trailer mounting with storage space
  • Efficient one-axle trailer mounting without storage space

Product Specifications

  • Weight: Approximately 800kg
  • Volume: Roughly 5cbm
  • Dimensions: Around 2200x1200x1800mm

This water purification unit is essential for providing pure, drinkable water in regions with no clean water access. The water source should possess a maximum N.T.U. of 20 for optimal purification.

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