LDPE 10L Collapsible Water Container without Logo - Reliable Water Storage Solution

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Acquire the reliable and optimal-grade 10L LDPE Collapsible Water Container. Produced with quality standards for export, it is devoid of logos, ideal for safe water storage. Its construction from food-grade LDPE caters to a broad temperature spectrum (-20°C to 50°C) and endures a 1.8-meter drop test when filled. Consists of a 50mm opening featuring a screw cap and a handy carry handle. Its resilience to UV rays and durability (minimum of 6 months under tropical conditions) make it perfect for households, displacement scenarios, and instances demanding extra storage. Every box comprises of 100 containers, conveniently packed into export cartons.

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LDPE 10L Collapsible Water Container without Logo - The Trustworthy Solution for Your Water Storage Needs

Our LDPE Collapsible Water Container offers you the utmost reliability when it comes to water storage. Engineered to perfection, this container ensures efficient storage for your requirements - be it emergencies, outdoor activities, or daily usage. With a total capacity of 10 liters, this collapsible water container guarantees durability and optimum functionality.

Distinguished Features

  • Space-Efficient Design: The water container features an intelligently designed collapsible structure that makes it super handy during storage and transportation.
  • Robust Material: Made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), our water container can survive the harshest environmental conditions, withstanding temperatures between -20u00b0C to 50u00b0C.
  • UV-Resistant: LDPE material also works as a UV-resistant layer, maintaining the container's structure under harsh sunlight.
  • Suitable for Food Storage: This container consists of food-grade material, making it perfectly safe for storing drinking water.
  • Put to Test: Our container goes through rigorous testing in specialized laboratories and proves its capability to endure a 1.8-meter drop when filled to capacity.
  • User-Friendly Features: The container is also fitted with a sturdy carry handle ensuring easy portability and a large 50mm opening for trouble-free filling and draining. The screw cap is connected with a strap to prevent losses.

Detailed Instructions and Longevity

Every order consists of meticulously packaged containers, complete with their individual cleaning instruction guide. Offering a phenomenal service life of minimum 6 months under tropical conditions, each container guarantees excellent value for its price.

Non-Marketed, Thus Neutral

This brand-free water container aligns with all your preferences, and its lack of logo won't cause any conflict with your individual branding or personal preferences.

Universal Utility

This container's usage extends to various kits, enabling its usage during emergency scenarios, and providing indispensable aid for displaced populations. Be it locations with irregular water supplies or situations where increased storage becomes mandatory, this container caters to all.

Why wait? Order your LDPE Collapsible Water Container today and embrace the amalgamation of quality, reliability, and convenience.

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