First Response WASH and Dignity Kit: Survive Crises with Care for Hygiene & Dignity

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First Response WASH and Dignity Kit for 5 Family/Household

A comprehensive emergency solution, this kit provides essential hygiene and dignity for a family of five in instances of displacement or disaster. Ideal for one-month usage, the kit incorporates vital supplies such as:

  • Water Purification Resources: Equipped with NaDDC tablets to generate clean drinking water.
  • Extensive Lifespan: Ensures a reliable 5-year shelf life.
  • Assorted Supplies: Comprises water containers, torches, sanitary items, and other essentials.
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A Top-of-the-Line Emergency Kit: First Response WASH and Dignity Kit

Ensuring safety and preserving dignity in tumultuous times, the First Response WASH and Dignity Kit provides with utmost care in the face of disasters. Designed for a family of five, including two adults and three children, this survival kit offers a steady helping hand during crises lasting for a month.

The kit has been thoughtfully compiled to combat obstructions to essential resources and health-related adversities brought on by unpredictable events. It houses a host of items, aimed at water sanitation, personal hygiene, light sourcing, and secure signaling, all packed diligently in a solid double-wall export carton.

Key Components:

  • NaDDC Water Purifying Tablets: This key feature guarantees access to safe drinking water, an absolute lifeline in any chaotic situation.
  • Five-Year Shelf Life: The items housed within the kit are manufactured to last for a five-year duration, promoting readiness during any emergency.
  • Practical Utilities: The kit comes with true-to-life survival essentials such as water containers, soap, a self-powered handheld torch, and a safety whistle.
  • Dignified Sanitation: Upholding personal dignity is a priority, hence the kit provides sanitary pads, reusable menstrual pads, female underwear, a children's potty, and a multipurpose cloth.
  • Hygiene Maintenance: The inclusion of laundry detergent ensures the cleanliness of clothing, contributing to overall sanitation.

Suggested Usage:

This kit proves to be an indomitable ally during catastrophic occurrences like displacement or natural calamities where access to basic life amenities is harshly disrupted. Serving as a vital support mechanism that helps households transition from disaster distress to healing and recovery.

Target Demographic:

The First Response WASH and Dignity Kit is an invaluable resource for households in the dire straits of a potential or immediate emergency. Alternative models are available for single households or families that can manage without the water purification tablets.

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