WASH & Dignity Kit: Comprehensive Household Emergency Response Package

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WASH & Dignity Kit – Comprehensive Emergency Response Package for Households

This essential emergency preparedness kit is geared to provide unwavering support for a family of five in dire circumstances. In cases of displacement and extreme conditions, this kit provides necessary items such as a 10L collapsible water container, 14-liter bucket with lid, soap, handheld torch, child potty, multipurpose cloth, reusable menstrual pads, sanitary pads, whistle, female panties, laundry detergent and a helpful flyer guide. The kit does not encompass water purifying tablets, which can be procured separately.

  • No Water Purifying Tablets: Essential for health and hygiene in emergency situations, but need to be purchased separately.
  • Supports a Family of Five: Contains necessary items to support a family of five for a month.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Considerably vital for displacement scenarios and emergency circumstances.
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Comprehensive WASH & Dignity Kit - An Essential Aid during Emergencies

A helping hand in times of need, the WASH & Dignity Kit is a comprehensive emergency supplies package designed to provide immediate relief to a household in crisis. Tailor made to cater to a family unit of five, this all-encompassing kit serves to maintain hygiene, ensure safety, and uphold dignity during challenging times, mitigating the distress encountered in devastating emergencies.

Prime Features:

  • Emergency Oriented: The WASH & Dignity Kit is crafted with urgency in mind, targeted towards households displaced due to unexpected crises, increasing usability post natural disasters causing significant loss to property and belongings.
  • Family-Sized Pack: Perfectly designed to accommodate the everyday necessities of a family with five members - two adults and three adolescents/children - allowing them to sustain comfortably for one month.
  • All-in-One: The kit encapsulates a myriad of indispensable items ranging from water containers, hygiene commodities to safety gear, ensuring you are well prepared for any situation.
  • User Engagement: The inclusion of a flyer helps the user to easily comprehend the various components, their use, and their underlying advantages.

Contents of the Kit:

Comprehensively stocked, the kit provides for immediate hygiene and safety needs:

  • Water Containers and Storage Bucket
  • Soaps and Laundry Detergent
  • Self-powered Handheld Torchlight
  • Children's Potty
  • Assortment of Reusable and Disposable Sanitary Pads
  • Multi-purpose Cotton Cloth
  • Whistle for Safety
  • Assorted Female Underwear

Adaptable to Needs:

Although the default version of the WASH & Dignity Kit excludes water purification tablets, you can freely augment your order with them if deemed necessary.

Application Suggestions:

The WASH & Dignity Kit finds application during natural disasters or displacement situations leading to substantial loss of resources and belongings. It can also service instances of sudden disruption in a reliable supply of safe water. However, it might not serve optimally for emergencies with only a marginal loss of equipment.

Solid Storage and Safe Transport:

The kit is securely packed in heavy-duty double-wall export cartons to warrant that the essentials are delivered to you in a flawless state, unimpeded by the transportation journey.

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