Viessmann WIC Mono Block 30m3 Walk-In Cold Room for Exceptional Vaccine Storage

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Upgrade your vaccine storage with the Viessmann WIC Mono Block 30m3 Walk-in Cold Room, engineered for consistency and safety. This advanced solution utilizes CFC-free refrigeration with non-toxic R134 gas, assuring uniform cooling and an ideal vaccine preservation climate. Key product features include:

  • Automatic Duty Switchover System for uninterrupted service
  • Timer-Operated Defrost System for added convenience
  • Visible, Auditory Alarm for enhanced safety and usability
  • High-Impact Insulation and Stainless-Steel Floor for extended durability
  • 2-Year Warranty as a testament to quality confidence

Sourced from top-grade materials, it suits various biomedical storage necessities, with precision temperature control keeping the vaccines stable.

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Viessmann WIC Mono Block 30m3 Walk-In Cold Room: Your Premier Solution for Superior Vaccine Storage

The Viessmann WIC Mono Block 30m3 walk-in cold room represents the pinnacle in sophisticated climate control for optimal vaccine storage. This specialized product has been engineered for precision temperature management, ensuring the life-saving efficacy of vaccines are meticulously preserved, thereby safeguarding the health of patients who depend on their effectiveness.

Product Features

  • Efficient use of the eco-friendly R134 refrigerant which is CFC-free and consequently, less harmful to the environment.
  • A reliable automatic duty switchover system that guarantees uninterrupted temperature control.
  • Ice build-up prevention through an electrical timer-run defrost system, ensuring consistent, faultless operations.
  • Ability to regulate a selective temperature range from 2°C to 8°C makes it ideal for the rigorous climate demands of vaccine storage.
  • Meets IEC 60335-1 safety standards, indicating the product's conformance to international electrical safety requirements.
  • Highly effective polyurethane insulation delivering excellent thermal performance, stabilizing the cold room's internal temperature.
  • Class R11 anti-slip stainless-steel flooring offers a sturdy, safer operating environment.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting ensuring maximum visibility within the cold room.
  • An integral alarm system with battery backup for visual and auditory alerts in case of system failure.
  • A vapor pressure thermometer for accurate, dependable temperature readings.
  • A 2-year warranty adding to the hassle-free user experience.

Make a sound investment in the Viessmann WIC Mono Block 30m3 walk-in cold room- a decisive solution for maintaining the potency of vital pharmaceuticals. Secure your healthcare facility's commitment to top-notch patient care today!


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