Apex AIVC-46 Vaccine Carrier for Massive Vaccine Storage & Transportation

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Introducing Apex AIVC-46: Extra-Large Vaccine Carrier, the ultimate solution for hefty vaccine storage and transportation needs. Key features include:

  • Massive 2.9 litres storage capacity, maintaining 43u00b0C for 51 hours – perfect for large-scale vaccination efforts.
  • Substantial external size of 29x29x32.7 cm and internal size of 20x20x19 cm for significant shipment requisites.
  • Comes with 8 units, each containing 4 x 0.6L icepacks for assured temperature control.
  • A two-year replacement warranty for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your medical supply with the Apex AIVC-46 for secure and efficient vaccine distribution on a large scale.

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An Incomparable Portable Refrigerator: Apex AIVC-46 Vaccine Carrier for High Volume Storage & Transportation

The Apex AIVC-46 Vaccine Carrier is a crucial asset crafted for essential vaccine storage and transportation. Its impeccable features such as extended cold storage life, durability, and impressive storage capacity make it an ideal solution for populous vaccination drives, emphasizing reliable delivery and potency maintenance.

Unparalleled Vaccine Storage Capacity

Designed to cater to mass immunization programs, the Apex AIVC-46 boasts an astonishing 2.9L vaccine storage capacity. This extraordinary capacity enables the delivery of vaccines even to the most remote locations.

Extended and Reliable Cold Storage Life

The Apex AIVC-46 introduces a new industry standard with an extravagant cold storage life, withstanding for up to 51 hours and 8 minutes at a temperature of 43°C. This sustainable cold storage life ensures that vaccines stay potent throughout the transportation process, regardless of the duration or weather conditions.

Strength coupled with Comfortable Transportation

The Apex AIVC-46, constructed with durability and convenience in mind, features external dimensions of 29cm x 29cm x 32.7cm, and internal dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 19cm. It comes with a sturdy handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, aiming at comfortable transportation. This durable structure is ideal for delivering vaccines to distant and underserved areas safely.

Exceptional Features

  • Equipped with 4 x 0.6L ice packs, ensuring consistent temperature regulation and even cold air distribution.
  • An innovative secure lid design to minimize chances of spillage or thermal leakage.
  • Ensures utmost safety during transportation due to its double-wall carton packaging.
  • Includes an encouraging Manufacturer's warranty of two years covering any design, material, or workmanship defects.


The Apex AIVC-46 is a promising ally for medical professionals and organizations conducting extensive immunization drives. Its robust construction, sophisticated features, and reliable performance establish it as a game-changing instrument, boosting vaccination program efficiency and reach.

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