Superior Vaccine Carrier AOV AVC-46 PQS E004/009 - Ensuring Safe & Efficient Global Immunization Programs

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Premium Vaccine Carrier AOV AVC-46, PQS E004/009 is an industry-leading transportation solution perfect for large-scale immunization programs. Key features include:

  • Capacity: Spacious 2.5-liter interior for vast vaccine storage.
  • Efficiency: Noteworthy cold life of 50 hours and 12 minutes at 43u00b0C.
  • Kitting: Comes with 4 x 0.6L icepacks for stabilized temperature regulation.
  • Mobility: Lightweight build at 6.36 kg provides easy portability.
  • Guarantee: Product assurance with a two-year replacement warranty.
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Premium Vaccine Carrier AOV AVC-46, PQS E004/009: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Safe Global Immunization Programs

Ensuring a successful immunization program demands top-tier vaccine carriers. Presenting the Premium Vaccine Carrier AOV AVC-46, PQS E004/009, the epitome of quality, convenience, and reliability, built specifically for mass vaccination programs. Reinforced with advanced technology, it guarantees safe vaccine transport while maintaining its potency.

Robust and Practical Design

The AVC-46 is synonymous with durability and practicality. Its robust construction ensures longevity while its considerable storage capacity offers a large scale of usage.

  • Ample Storage Capacity: With a massive 2.5-liter storage, it effortlessly caters to large-scale vaccination drives, ensuring no one is left unimmunized.
  • Compact and Practical: Despite the immense storage capacity, it prioritizes easy handling with a manageable weight of 6.36 kg and efficient dimensions. Efficient vaccine transportation is now a reality.

Pioneering Vaccine Preservation Technology

What makes the AVC-46 phenomenal is its intricate cold preservation system which maintains the potency of vaccines during transit.

  • Extended Cold Life: Exhibits an astonishing cold life of 50 hours and 12 minutes at 43°C, keeping vaccines in optimal conditions even in warm climates and long transits.
  • Free Icepacks: The carrier comes with four complimentary 0.6L icepacks for enhanced efficacy and superlative vaccine preservation.

Buy the AVC-46 and experience seamless vaccine preservation and transportation military-precision engineered for global immunization programs. Each AVC-46 is shipped in double-walled packaging for maximum safety and comes with a two-year replacement guarantee that affirms its unbeatable quality.

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