Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-1.7: Ultimate Safeguard for Vaccine Transport

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The Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-1.7 is a top-tier vaccine transport solution with a 1.7L storage capacity and impressively compact size. It boasts a cold life of 38 hours at 43°C, ensuring vaccines remain secure and potent. The carrier’s 4kg loaded weight and user-friendly design make it highly portable, with a sturdy lid, shoulder strap, and four 0.4L standard ice packs included. Furthermore, a two-year replacement warranty offers assured protection against component failure.

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The Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-1.7, an efficacious and dependable solution for necessary vaccine transport, is crafted with cutting-edge materials and showcases a state-of-the-art design. Its superior capability to maintain an optimal low temperature over an extended period ensures the effectiveness of vaccines during transit, thereby safeguarding public health.

  • Capacity: Offers a significant 1.7-litre storage facilitating substantial accommodation for vaccines.
  • Construction: Made of sturdy materials, it enhances the safeguarding of vaccines.
  • Cold Life: Impressive cold-life span of 38 hours at 43u00b0C, ensuring temperature stability.
  • Durable Lid: An additional safeguard through a sturdy lid for added insulation.
  • Handling: Complete with a shoulder strap for easier transit.
  • Accessories: Comes with 4 x 0.4L standard ice packs for further temperature control

Prioritizing functionality, the Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-1.7 exhibits external dimensions of 26cm X 25cm X 28.5cm, and internal dimensions of 17cm X 17cm X 18.5cm, making it compact yet spacious. Weighing just 4 Kg when fully loaded, the carrier ensures easy manageability, and protects vaccines during immunization drives.

Reaffirming our commitment towards quality, the Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-1.7 carries a two-year replacement warranty against any component failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship. This device is not just a product, but our promise to assist healthcare professionals worldwide in effecting secure and efficient vaccine transport.


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