Extra-large Long-range Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-2.6-CF - Reliable Vaccine Transportation Solution | BK VC 2.6 CF

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Introducing the Extra-large Long-range Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-2.6-CF – a stellar leap in vaccine transportation standards. Its essential features include:

  • 2.6-liter storage for large-scale vaccine transport.
  • Cold life of 43 hours at 43°C upholding vaccine integrity.
  • Total load weight of just 4.5 kg for ease of mobility.
  • Compact dimensions: 26 x 26 x 32 cm.
  • Comes packed with 4 x 0.6L ice packs for sustained cooling.

Backed by a two-year replacement warranty, the carrier promises unparalleled reliability and effectiveness in every assignment.

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Optimizing Health Care with Extra-large Long-range Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-2.6-CF

Secure and efficient vaccine transportation forms the backbone of global health initiatives. Ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of vaccines are maintained throughout their journey, we introduce the Extra-large Long-range Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-2.6-CF. Integrating advanced cold life technology and ergonomics, this 2.6-litre capacity vaccine carrier is a game-changer in large-scale immunization programs.

Product Features

  • Boasts a significant storage capacity designed to accommodate large quantities of vaccines, thereby facilitating large-scale operations seamlessly.
  • Offering an extended 43 hours of cold life at 43 degrees Celsius, aimed at maintaining vaccine potency during long-distance transportation.
  • A remarkably lightweight construction of 4.5 kg when fully loaded, ensuring user convenience and enhancing portability.
  • It includes a practical lid and a shoulder strap to streamline vaccine accessibility and transportation.
  • Enhanced with four 0.6L ice packs to affirm safety and extended cold life, keeping vaccines at their optimal temperature.

Design and Packaging

  • Compact external dimensions of 26 x 26 x 32 cm offer efficient storage and handling.
  • Internal dimensions of 19 x 19 x 22.5 cm, optimizing storage space while maintaining a compact form.
  • It incorporates a secure double-boxed carton packaging, with 4 units per box, guaranteeing smooth shipping and convenient handling.

Invest in Health

Promising efficient transportation and excellent preservation of vaccines at optimal temperature ranges, the Extra-large Long-range Vaccine Carrier BK-VC-2.6-CF is an invaluable investment. With a two-year replacement warranty, this product empowers communities by securing their health and wellness. Enable your health initiatives to deliver results with this dependable vaccine carrier.

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