High-Quality Micro Test Tubes - 0.2ml PCR Tubes with Push Cap

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High-performing Micro Test Tubes -0.2ml PCR Tubes with Push Cap, designed for reliable PCR techniques and DNA sequencing. Made from durable polypropylene for enduring use. Key features:

  • Optimal thermal transfer via thin walls
  • Sterilized, RNase-free and DNase-free for safe use
  • Intuitive push cap for easy accessibility
  • Ready for use with initial packaging of one sterilized, PCR-ready tube with cap
  • Packaged in units of 1000, each weighing approximately 0.25kg and a volume of 0.025m3

A superior choice for applications requiring consistent results in routine and real-time PCR. Note that this product doesn’t have a disclosed chemical formula or CAS number.

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Introducing High-Quality Micro Test Tubes, the perfect laboratory companion for precise PCR applications. Crafted from superior polypropylene for lasting durability and offering a myriad of features specific to PCR requirements. With a tube capacity of 0.2ml, optimal for varying substance volumes, these Test Tubes are an essential choice for professionals dedicated to molecular biology.

  • Constructed with robust Polypropylene, guaranteeing long-standing durability and reliability
  • Optimal 0.2ml tube capacity to accommodate varied sample substance volumes effortlessly
  • Produced under Sterilized conditions, ensuring high safety standards for every use
  • Free from RNase and DNase, effectively preventing nucleic acid degradation and ensuring sample integrity
  • Convenient push cap design allows quick and secure access, enhancing workflow
  • Engineered with thin walls for optimal thermal transfer, vital for accurate PCR execution
  • Compatible with standard thermo-cyclers, real-time PCR systems, and DNA sequencers, ensuring versatility
  • Box contains 1000 individual units, maintaining sterility and PCR-readiness
  • Compact and lightweight at an estimated 0.25 kg and volume of 0.025 m3, ensuring easy handling and storage

These test tubes are specifically designed to facilitate seamless execution of PCR techniques, making them a vital asset for every laboratory engaged in molecular biology work. Incredibly durable and precisely designed, these Micro Test Tubes enhance reliability and performance with their tailored design.

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