High-Quality Endotracheal Tube, Size 7 with Cuff - Sterile & Disposable

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Endotracheal Tube, Size 7 with Cuff – Sterile & Disposable – Ventilation Support for Anesthesia or Resuscitation

  • Standard Compliance: Comes with tube, point, cuff, and markers abiding by standard dimensions
  • Design: Features open distal end, 37.5u00b0 oral angle, and Magill-type point for effective use
  • Cuff System: Low-pressure inflating system integrated with a Luer tip connector valve for ease of operation
  • Material & Markings: Constructed from PVC, engraved with radio opaque marks, Murphyu2019s eye, and graduations for guidance
  • Sterilisation & Packaging: Ethylene oxide gas or Gamma radiation sterilised, packed individually in sterile peel packs, bundled in boxes of 50
  • Intended Use: Suitable for anesthesia and resuscitation applications by trained personnel
  • Storage & Safety: Requires moderate temperatures and humidity, clean insertion techniques, and is recommended for single-use only
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Introducing the Endotracheal Tube, Size 7 with Cuff - Sterile & Disposable, a quintessential fixture for ventilation support during critical procedures such as anesthesia or resuscitation. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, this product epitomizes reliability, precision, and patient comfort, and is a must-have for medical professionals globally.

This endotracheal tube meticulously observes all standard dimensions, including those for the tube, point, cuff, and markings. It is equipped with an open distal end and a Magill-type point with a 37.5° oral angle, thereby augmenting control and convenience during usage. It also features a low-pressure cuff, an integrated inflating system, and a valve with a Luer tip connector.


The tube comes with a standard 15mm connector, ensuring a smooth connection to ventilation systems. A radio-opaque mark, Murphy's eye and graduations lend enhanced precision during placement. Each tube is delicately crafted from medical-grade Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to ensure durability and safety.


For maximum hygiene, this product is sterile and meant for single use only. Sterilization is meticulously carried out using Ethylene Oxide gas or gamma radiation. Post usage, the tubes are safe for incineration in controlled environments, offering an eco-friendly disposal avenue.


Here's what you get with each purchase:

  • Safe and secure individual sterile peel pack
  • A box of 50 endotracheal tubes, well-packed for adequate protection

Usage Guidelines:

  • Perfect for providing ventilation support during anesthesia or resuscitation
  • Safe for insertion by trained resuscitation personnel
  • Seamless compatibility with basic resuscitation equipment and a variety of endotracheal tube sizes

Storage Details:

  • Keeps best at moderate temperatures and humidity levels
  • Always check for the integrity of the packaging before use

Safety Information:

  • Solely designated for single use to avoid cross-contamination
  • Observance of clean techniques during insertion is integral to maintain sterility
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