CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube – Sterilized & Durable Medical Tube

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CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube – High-Quality, Sterilized & Disposable Medical Tube is an invaluable resource for patient care, suitable for proficient feedings and aspiration procedures. Constructed using PVC, this 125cm healthcare product is resilient and reliably accurate due to its specific markings at various lengths. Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas to ensure sterility, this single-use medical device offers dependable patient safety. It also comes with a complimentary feeding syringe (Product Code: S0366010) for a comprehensive solution. This product is individually packaged to maintain hygienic standards.

  • Durable: Crafted from robust PVC material for long-lasting use.
  • Sterile: Sterilization via Ethylene oxide gas ensures total sterility.
  • Accurate: Clear markings at 40, 50, 60, and 70cm for precise insertion depths.
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CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube – Your Ultimate Medical Companion

Equip your medical facility with our CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube – a top-tier medical accessory marked by its reliability, safety, and efficient performance. Our product is designed with an advanced level of precision and care, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Superior Material

Made from high-grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), the CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube ensures an optimum strength-to-flexibility ratio. With its hard-wearing nature, it guarantees extended use without compromising on performance. Beyond this, PVC is well-recognized as a cost-effective material in the medical field due to its durability and easy sterilization.

Impeccable Sterilization

We highly prioritize the safety and hygiene of our medical tools. Hence, we sterilize our tubes using Ethylene Oxide gas – an effective agent in eliminating microorganisms, including bacteria and spores, providing optimum sterility for every procedure.

Detailed Marking

Our CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube comes with indicative markings at 40, 50, 60, and 70 cm intervals. These markings are aimed to aid in the accuracy during insertion, thereby reducing the risk of clinical complications.

Multi-faceted Design

Thanks to our sophisticated, single-channel design, our tube offers versatile applications. Could be used for both aspiration and feeding tasks. Its CH16 diameter and 125cm length make it an ideal gastric tube for adults.

Convenient & Hygienic

Due to the potential risk of cross-infection, our CH16 Aspirating/Feeding Tube is designed for single use - putting forward a hygienic and reliable solution for healthcare professionals.

User Guidelines and Safety Measures

Always adhere to clean techniques when inserting a gastric tube. Upon usage completion, the tube should be disposed of through incineration in a controlled environment. Our tube is a component of our comprehensive kit (Product Code: S9906627), yet additional products like the Syringe, feeding, 50ml, conical tip, sterile (Product Code: S0366010) can also be ordered separately.

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