Sterile Disposable Aspirating/Feeding Tube CH08 L125cm: The Single-Channel Medical Essential

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Sterile Disposable Aspirating/Feeding Tube CH08 L125cm – Premium Single-Channel Tube is exclusively designed for a safe and effective enteral feeding and aspiration. Its noteworthy features are:

  • Single-use tube ensuring utmost hygiene and safety.
  • Constructed with durable, biocompatible PVC.
  • Equipped with a proximal end cup connector for seamless attachment.
  • Four-sided distal end windows for enhanced functionality.
  • Detailed markings at 40, 50, 60, and 70cm from the distal end for precision use.
  • Sterilization with Ethylene oxide gas for sterility assurance.

Store in a mild environment to maintain its integrity. Packaging integrity check is crucial before use. It is environmentally responsible with disposal by incineration only.

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The Sterile Disposable Aspirating/Feeding Tube CH08 L125cm - Premium Single-Channel Tube is an elite tool, essential for medical procedures involving liquid or gas aspiration, as well as enteral feeding. This tube is designed for single usage, ensuring utmost efficiency and hygiene while preventing chances of cross-contamination. It is manufactured using premium quality Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), granting it unmatched sturdiness and flexibility.

Its approximate length of 125 cm facilitates easy reach into deep cavities. The tube undergoes sterilization process via Ethylene oxide gas, assuring cleanliness, and safe usage. The device boasts a single-channel feature that simplifies insertion, aspiration, or feeding. The proximal end features a convenient cup connector along with a conical tip, permitting seamless attaching to syringes or feeding bags.

The device's distal end is equipped with a tetra-window system, guaranteeing maximum fluid delivery and aspiration. The tube includes markings at measured intervals (40, 50, 60 and 70 cm), assisting in pre-calculating the insertion length, thereby enhancing precision. Each piece is individually sterile and meticulously packed in peel-packs to maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Despite its multifaceted offerings, this device is surprisingly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 0.017 kg, thus making handling easy and stress-free. It is suggested to store this product away from severe environmental conditions for optimal performance. Consumers are advised to inspect packaging and ensure it's intact prior to use. Post-utility, the used tube should be disposed of via incineration in a controlled environment.

Experience the amalgamation of precision, safety, and convenience with the Smart Sterile Disposable Aspirating/Feeding Tube, and enrich your caregiving capabilities.

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