Hospital-Grade Trolley for Soiled Linen: Revolutionizing Hygiene Standards in Health Facilities

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Hospital-Grade Trolley for Soiled Linen: A Pillar of Hygiene in Healthcare Facilities

  • Sturdy and Durable: Made from epoxy coated tubular steel frame that provides long-lasting use, combined with a heavy-duty, washable canvas bag for added durability.
  • Safety & Mobility: Comes with pivoting castors integrated with brakes, offering effortless mobility and secure placement.
  • Easy to Assemble: Designed with a user-friendly, knock-down structure for easy assembly and disassembly. Each trolley is packaged individually for safe transit.
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Hospital-Grade Trolley for Soiled Linen: A Pillar of Hygiene in Healthcare Facilities

Introducing the Hospital-Grade Trolley for Soiled Linen, an outstanding tool meticulously designed to revolutionize hygiene standards and linen transportation in medical establishments. Its innovative features enhance patient safety, ensure staff convenience, and streamline the efficiency of healthcare operations.

Superior Quality and Robust Design

Our Hospital-Grade Trolley is a vital addition to any healthcare facility. It's developed with an epoxy-coated tubular steel frame that offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This robust construction ensures longevity, making it effective in challenging medical environments.

Exemplary Hygiene and Easy Mobility

Our trolley is equipped with four high-grade swivel castors, including two with brakes, offering unmatched maneuverability and safety. The non-hooded wheel design promotes easy maintenance and superior hygiene control, making the trolley an essential tool in maintaining hygiene standards in health institutions.

Impressive Linen Holding Capacity

Engineered to hold up to 50 kilograms with a 100-liter bag capacity, this trolley reduces the need for regular unloading with its large linen holding capability. This feature saves crucial time for medical personnel, facilitating efficient healthcare delivery.

User-friendly and Convenient

The trolley comes with a removable, washable canvas bag. Its well-designed drawstring feature offers a secure hold on linens, simplifying the laundry process for healthcare workers. This focus on ergonomic design ensures our trolley enhances the work efficiency of medical staff.

Effective Space Utilization and Easy Assembly

Our hospital-grade trolley is tailored for maximum space utilization, navigating through compact spaces effortlessly. Its ingenious knock-down design enables easy disassembly and assembly, making transportation and storage a breeze while offering user-friendly operation.

Complete Compliance with Safety Standards

We recommend regular inspection of the trolley to maintain structural integrity and secure operation. Engineered with the highest safety standards, it ensures minimal risk and smooth operation while handling soiled linen.

Product Specifications

  • Overall Trolley Dimensions: 50x90 cm (diameter x height)
  • Frame Dimensions: 3.0-3.3 cm (outside diameter) - 1.35-1.65 mm thick
  • Swivel Castor Wheel: 2-2.3x7.5 cm (width x diameter)

Cost and Space Efficient Packaging

The trolley comes in an EAN 128 barcode compliant package. Weighing only 8 kg and having a volume of approximately 0.044 m3, it helps optimize your shipping and storage costs without compromising on quality.

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