ICT Technician Tool Kit: Your Ally for Superior Telecom Installation & Maintenance

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ICT Technician Tool Kit: Your Ultimate Solution for Telecom Installations & Maintenance

This all-inclusive ICT technician tool kit is tailored for the setup and upkeep of a wide range of telecom infrastructures. Practical yet precise, this kit delivers a simplified approach to intricate ICT duties in field offices.

  • Equipped with key hand-tools including pliers, spanners, screwdrivers for varied operations.
  • Provision for measurement instruments, lanterns, compass, and VSAT alignment inclinometer.
  • Housed in dual durable aluminum cases for smooth organization and transportation.
  • Butane soldering iron included (without gas due to airline restrictions).
  • Flexibility to select proper telecom connectors (not included).
  • User-friendly technical instructions for proficient use by non-specialists.

Adapted to 110 VAC power source. Perfect for emergencies, business continuity, and all-inclusive ICT tasks.

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Comprehensive ICT Technician Tool Kit for Superior Telecommunication Installation & Maintenance

Ideal for telecom professionals, our Comprehensive ICT Technician Tool Kit is a one-stop-shop for all installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks. Designed with care for professionals handling telecommunications systems which include radio, VSAT, and data-communications, this toolkit has it all to make work seamless and efficient.

  • Built to cater: Equipped with a wide array of tools like pliers, spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, and coaxial cable crimping tools, this toolkit has everything you need for telecom installation and maintenance.
  • User convenience and flexibility: This toolkit comes with both electrical and butane-gas-operated soldering irons, prioritizing user convenience across various scenarios.
  • Precision and ease: Our toolkit also includes measuring instruments, flashlights, a compass, and an inclinometer for VSAT alignment, emphasizing accuracy in your work.
  • Organized and transportable: Every tool in the kit has a designated space within two heavy-duty aluminum transport cases. The ability to keep tools adequately arranged and secure promotes both convenience during transportation and increased work speed.
  • Note: To comply with transport regulations, the butane soldering iron is supplied without gas, and telecom connectors must be ordered separately. Moreover, non-technical users are advised to get prior instruction for optimal and safe usage.
  • Wide application: The toolkit serves a dual purpose of not just helping in regular ICT work, but also assuring preparedness during emergencies, making it a must-have add-on for all field offices.

This toolkit, through its well-thought-out design, promotes better efficiency and precision, offering telecom professionals a helping hand they can trust.

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