The Versatile Lightweight Rectangular Tent 24m²: Durable & Spacious Shelter Solution

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Introducing the Lightweight Rectangular Tent, a 24 square meters multi-functional shelter solution built for versatility and durability. Key features include:

  • Superior Material: Crafted with Polyester 600 x 600 D for resistance and durability.
  • PVC Coating: Enhances waterproofing ability up to 5000mm.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame: Provides enhanced durability.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: Comes with repair kit, tension steel chains, and steel pegs.
  • Extra Features: Fire-resistant, root proof, and weighting 450g per m².
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Lightweight Rectangular Tent, 24m² - The Ultimate Shelter Solution

The Lightweight Rectangular Tent is an ideal flexible accommodation, meticulously tailored to adapt to a diverse set of applications. Whether you're organizing a health-related event, implementing educational programs, setting up a children's zone, or responding to an emergency sheltering need, this versatile tent assembles effortlessly, offering 24m² of roomy, secure, and comfortable space.

Tent Specifications and Features

  • Dimensions: Occupying a roomy footprint of 6 x 4.5m, the tent has a center height of 3.05m and sidewall height of 2.1m, providing ample headroom and circulation space.
  • Material: The tent's fabric is made of Polyester 600 x 600 D, coated with PVC, offering water resistance up to 5000mm, ensuring occupants stay dry in harsh weather conditions.
  • Durability & Safety: The tent material is engineered to be fire-resistant and root proof, enhancing safety measures and ensuring durability.
  • Frame: The sturdy structure incorporates a robust galvanized steel frame, 2mm thick and 28mm in diameter, promoting tent stability and resilience.
  • Lightweight: The tent material weighs just 450g per m², making it light for handling, transport, and setup, but with uncompromising strength and integrity.
  • Complementary Accessories: The tent comes equipped with a comprehensive kit including repair tools, tension steel chains, steel pegs, a hammer and guy rope, facilitating prompt and easy assembly.

Using Your Lightweight Rectangular Tent

Deploy your lightweight rectangular tent wisely, considering natural factors like weather and safety of the location. If your desired product temporarily runs out of stock, consider our equally efficient alternatives comprising spacious 42m² and 72m² tents.

A Shelter Solution Demonstrating Adaptability, Durability, and Convenience

The Lightweight Rectangular Tent, with its generous dimensions, robust material, and easy setup process, exemplifies practicality and versatility. Its design effectively supports diverse uses, from workshops and events to emergency shelters, promising an enduring and reliable shelter solution.

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