Premium Quality Neonatal Resuscitation Table - Superior Newborn Care

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Premium Quality Neonatal Resuscitation Table escalates your newborn care standard with its well-engineered features:

  • Durable construction delivers free-flowing navigation through anti-static swivel castors.
  • Ensures consistent operability with ready-to-use 10 L oxygen cylinders.
  • Fixed-height hood and separate heating element guarantee safety and accurate temperature control.
  • Built-in Treatment/CPR timer and APGAR timer enable efficient monitoring.

This elevating table boasts relevant accessories to enhance its functionality, making it an optimal choice for health facilities emphasizing advanced neonatal care.

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Premium Quality Neonatal Resuscitation Table - Redefining Newborn Care

Providing unmatched standards of neonatal healthcare, our Premium Quality Neonatal Resuscitation Table simplifies newborn care. This product aims to meet immediate and complex needs for newborns with its meticulously crafted features, ensuring a safe and effective environment for neonatal care.

The table is known for its durable construction and a design that facilitates seamless use in emergencies. The sturdy swivel castors guarantee excellent mobility and stability, ensuring that there is no room for errors during critical care periods.

  • The table comes equipped with two 10-liter oxygen cylinders, proving readiness for emergency situations. This supports system is conveniently integrated for easy access.
  • Further, an integrated side rail and IV pole offers ease to mount additional equipment and accessories, hence, making it versatile for different neonatal care scenarios.
  • The product design includes a user-friendly storage drawer and an X-ray cassette compartment for added convenience.
  • The product stands true to its commitment to safety with an overhead radiant heater positioned at a height of 1.80m, temperature sensors, a CPR timer, an APGAR Timer, and a proficient display panel for real-time monitoring and alarms.
  • Additionally, the product ensures comfort for the newborn with a water-resistant, durable, and flame-retardant mattress. The LED spotlight creates a calming ambiance for neonatal care.
  • Our superior product offers a profitable return on investment with a shelf life of eight years and a two-year warranty. Customization with additional accessories is also available.

Choose our Premium Quality Neonatal Resuscitation Table for quality, usability, and absolute reliability in newborn care.

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