50ml Sterile Feeding Syringe with Catheter Tip - Superior Quality and Precision

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High-Quality 50ml Sterile Feeding Syringe with Catheter Tip

Designed for safe, precise feeding or aspiration procedures, our feeding syringe ensures maximum hygiene and infection control. The 50ml capacity barrel features accurate ml graduations while catheter tip allows for diverse applications. Key features include:

  • Precision and Safety: Ensures accurate dosage and aspiration.
  • 50ml Capacity: Clear barrel with precise gradations.
  • Adaptable Catheter Tip: Centric or eccentric options available for various needs.
  • Avoid Spillage: Features a plunger backstop.
  • Sterilized & Disposable: Single-use for maximum hygiene, sterilized by ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation.
  • Individually Packed: Each syringe in a sterilized peel pack for integrity and sterility. Box contains 20 syringes.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for gastroenteral feeding, manual aspiration, and pharyngeal or tracheal suction. Compatible with various medical kits.
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High-Quality 50ml Sterile Feeding Syringe with Catheter Tip

Introducing the epitome of safety and sterility; a product combining high-quality and precision - the 50ml Sterile Feeding Syringe with a Catheter Tip. Expertly fashioned for precise administration of dosage, this syringe garners its reputation due to its design for accuracy and ease.

The syringe is a meticulously assembled 3-piece device, composed of a barrel, plunger, and a gasket. The clear barrel comes with finely calibrated ml graduations that serve a dual purpose: ensuring accurate doses and minimal wastage. The inclusion of a centric or eccentric catheter tip affords you a greater command over the delivery’s precision.

  • Equipped with a safe plunger backstop to stave off unintentional withdrawal.
  • It's designed with a focus on disposability and sterility. Each syringe undergoes a two-step sterilization process with Ethylene oxide gas or Gamma radiation.

Each syringe is individually packaged in a sterilized peel-pack. Each box houses 20 of these top-tier feeding syringes. Despite packing an array of features, each syringe weighs an estimated 0.040kg, and its volume stands at 0.300cdm, making it lightweight and compact.

This device caters to a spectrum of functions including gastroenteral feeding, manual aspiration of liquids or gas from the stomach, and manual pharyngeal or tracheal aspiration/suction. Moreover, they can be easily stored, designed to endure extreme temperatures and humidity. Implemented with a safety-first approach, each syringe is designed for single use only. All post-used syringes should be discarded in adherence to healthcare waste management specifications.

This vital syringe serves as a key component in our Midwifery Kit, Obstetric Surgical Kit, as well as the IEHK2006 Kit, and it flawlessly serves its purpose across these applications.

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