High Quality Auto-Disable 0.1ml Syringe & Needle | Single-Use, Safe & Precise Healthcare Tool

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Quality Auto-Disable 0.1ml Syringe with Needle: This single-use, healthcare-grade syringe is engineered for optimal precision and safety. It is ideal for the exact delivery of 0.1ml drug doses, ensuring a clean and secure method of drug administration.

  • Single-Use and Secure: Features an auto-disable mechanism to prevent hazardous reuse and aid in controlling the spread of infections.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from industrial-grade Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Polyethylene for maximum durability and dependability.
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Superior Quality Auto-Disable 0.1ml Syringe with Needle for Unmatched Safety and Precision in Single-Use Healthcare Scenarios

Experience an innovation in healthcare delivery with our top-tier Auto-Disable 0.1ml Syringe with Needle. Engineered to ensure effective and safe intradermal administration of the BCG vaccine, this syringe embodies an amalgamation of safety, accuracy, and upscale attributes.

  • Optimum Safety: Featured with a unique auto-disable option, the syringe unfortunately provides only a single-use opportunity, thus annihilating any chances of repeated dosage administration or exposure to contamination.
  • Unparalleled Durability: Expertly crafted using prime medical-grade plastics such as Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Polyethylene, ensuring a syringe with remarkable strength, durability, and extended service life.
  • Exceptional Precision: Comes with a meticulously crafted 27G stainless steel needle (0.4x10mm), facilitating a smooth and precise vaccine delivery system.
  • Accurate Measurements: The barrel of the syringe boasts detailed markings, eliminating guesswork and enabling calculated and accurate drug delivery.
  • Prominent Sterility: Every syringe undergoes sterilization with ethylene oxide, ensuring patient safety with a sterile healthcare tool.
  • Global Compliance: Adheres to the stringent ISO standards including ISO 7886-3:2005, ISO 7886-1:1993, ISO 7864:1993, and ISO 9626-1:1991 that pertain to syringes and needles.
  • Approved Certifications: Our product holds the coveted ISO 13485: 2003 and 2008 quality control and safety certifications. Additionally, it aligns with the European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for Medical Devices, signifying its dependability and commitment to quality assurance.

Every syringe is individually packaged and labeled, presenting clear instructions and traceability. The packaging contains manufacturing and expiry dates, lot number, unique features, and the manufacturer's logo. This attention to detail emphasizes patient care, safety, and instills confidence for users and healthcare professionals alike.

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