High-Quality Braided Absorbable Suture DEC4 1 - Sterile & Reliable for Safe Surgical Procedures

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A superlative synthetic absorbable suture, the ‘Quality Assured Suture – Absorbable, Synthetic, Braided DEC4 (1) – 30mm, Round Point, Box of 36’ is integral for solid and reliable wound closures.

  • Constructed from synthetic polyglycolic acid, a braided thread, this suture possesses exceptional tensile strength, ensuring dependable knot security
  • Half-circle curved needle design, allows for precision and control during suturing procedures
  • A rounded point needle reduces tissue trauma during suturing
  • Box of 36 sterilized sutures, each individually packaged for safety and convenience
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Sterile and Reliable Synthetic Braided Absorbable Suture (DEC4 1) - 30mm Round Point, Box of 36

Our high-grade, Synthetic Braided Absorbable Suture is a dependable and crucial component in the selection of any professional health care provider. Designed for single-use and tailored to minimize tissue trauma, these sutures are expertly crafted for the most efficient and safest surgical procedures.

Advanced Thread and Needle Specifications

The Synthetic Braided Absorbable Suture provides superior functionality, sterility, and reliability in various surgical procedures. Its core features include:

  • Absorbable, synthetic, Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) braided thread of premium quality
  • Thread Gauge: DEC4 (1) with a total length of 75 cm
  • 1/2 curved circle, round point needle of 30mm
  • Slow-absorbing synthetic suture typically absorbed within 21 days
  • Reduced risk of contamination compared to traditional sutures

Industry-Leading Packaging Safety

The sutures are conveniently packed in sterilized peel packs and secondary boxes with 36 units ensuring individual sterility and easy access using aseptic techniques:

  • Sterile peel pack for each unit
  • Box of 36 sutures providing added safety and convenience

Storage and Safe Handling

Maintaining product integrity is critical. Avoid storage at extreme temperature and humidity levels. The packaging of each unit should be inspected for integrity before use. Utilize appropriate aseptic techniques when using this single-use product. Safe handling is ensured with the inclusion of curved needles and round points. Use recommended surgical gloves, needle holder, and tissue forceps for suturing. Dispose used sutures into a sealed container for correct medical waste management.

Part of the S9908302 Obstetric Surgical Kit, this absorbable, Synthetic Braided Suture assures effective, safer surgical procedures, and an improved patient experience.

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