Premium Braided Synthetic Absorbable Suture DEC3 (2/0) - Box of 36

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Premium Braided Synthetic Absorbable Suture DEC3 (2/0) – Box of 36

Ensure optimal wound closure with our premium absorbable Synthetic Braided Suture DEC3 (2/0). Designed for resilience and longevity, these sutures are constructed from sturdy Polyglycolic Acid (PGA). The sutures come with a 1/2 circle, 30mm round point needle, minimizing tissue trauma and ensuring efficient suturing. These reliable sutures are individually packaged and sterile, with each box containing 36 pieces.

  • Type: Absorbable, Synthetic Braided (PGA)
  • Length: 75cm
  • Gauge: DEC3 (2/0)
  • Needle: 1/2 circle, 30mm Round Point
  • Packaging: Sterile individual peels; 36 per box
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Premium Braided Synthetic Absorbable Suture DEC3 (2/0) - Box of 36

Our Premium Braided Synthetic Absorbable Suture DEC3 (2/0) is engineered from medical-grade polyglycolic acid (PGA). This synthetic biocompatible material ensures the suture's excellent absorption capability and durability. It's ideal for different types of surgical procedures requiring significant holding strength and reliability. Each box contains 36 sutures, ensuring ready availability when required.

Key Features:

  • High-quality absorbable, synthetic braided thread made from polyglycolic acid (PGA).
  • Large thread length of 75cm for versatility in wound closure applications.
  • Thread gauge of DEC3 (2/0) offering superior stitching capabilities.
  • Curved, half-circle, round point needle included for minimal tissue trauma and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Disposable and sterile for prevention of infections.
  • Ethylene oxide gas sterilization ensures hygienic utilization.


Each suture is individually packed in sterile peel packs for hygienic usage. Organized in boxes of 36, they ensure easy storage and quick access during operations.

Usage Parameters:

The thread is ideal for suturing, providing an ample length of 75cm for diverse wound closure needs. A round-point needle minimizes tissue trauma, assuring patient comfort during the healing process. As a slow-absorbing suture, it requires approximately 21 days for complete absorption, making it safer than catgut sutures.

Storage Instructions:

The suture product should be stored in conditions free from extreme temperatures or high humidity that might impact the product integrity. Each package's integrity should be verified before use.

Safety Guidelines:

As a single-use suture, ensure aseptic techniques during suturing to prevent potential infections. The curved needles and round points minimize risk of injuries. Dispose of used sutures and needles in sealed containers, and incineration should occur in controlled environments.

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