Sut,abs,DEC2,need 3/8 26mm,tri/BOX-36

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General Description:
Suture, absorbable, synthetic, braided DEC2 (3/0), curved needle, 3/8circle, 26mm, triangular point, box of 36.

Technical Specifications:
Type of thread: Absorbable, synthetic braided thread (PGA, polyglycolicacid).
Length: 75cm.
Gauge of thread: Expressed in Decimal gauge DEC number and in the oldsystem of thread numbering: DEC 2 (3/0).
Type of needle:
Shape: curved needle, 3/8 circle.
Point: triangular.
Length: 26mm.
Initial sterilisation method:
Ethylene oxide gas.

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use.
One (1) absorbable suture in an individual sterilised peel pack.

Secondary packaging: Protected unit.
One (1) box of 36 absorbable sutures.

Estimated weight: 0.200kg
estimated volume: 1.176cdm

Instructions for use:
For internal suture. The thread with needle has a length of 75 cm onaverage.
The needles are triangular in section (to pass through the tissue moreeasily). This suture is synthetic, of slow absorption type, which isabsorbed after about 21 days.

It has been chosen in preference to catgut, which is used less and lessoften in any case. Catgut is absorbed in a few days, sometimes less than48 hours, and occasionally causes inflammation or its rejection. Thereis a risk of contamination because catgut is made of sheep gut (sheeptrembles).

Conditions for stock:
Avoid storage at extreme temperatures and humidity levels.
Check the integrity of each unit before use.
Single use material, supplied in sterile packaging, may only be used ifpackaging is undamaged.

Safety process:
The suture is for single use only.
When suturing, use strict aseptic techniques.

Protection of users:
To prevent stick injuries:
Use surgical gloves, a needle holder and a tissue standard forceps forsuturing.
After use, put the used sutures with needles into a sealed container.
Collect and destroy the sealed containers by incineration in acontrolled environment

Component of a kit:
S9902219 – Midwifery kit, 3-renewable
S9908302 – Obstetric, surgical kit, suppl.3-renewable
S9906627 – IEHK2006, kit, suppl.3-renewable