Absorbable Synthetic Braided Suture DEC2 (3/0) with 26mm Needle - Essential Surgical Tool

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The Synthetic Braided Absorbable Suture DEC2 (3/0) – 75cm with 26mm Needle – Box of 36 is a consistently reliable choice for surgical procedures. Key aspects include:

  • Material: Synthetic, absorbable polyglycolic acid (PGA), fostering secure sutures.
  • Design: Braided construction combined with a 3/8 circle, 26mm curved triangular point needle for effective tissue piercing.
  • Packaging: Single-use 75cm sutures, individually packaged and sterilized. Each box holds 36 units.
  • Sterilization: Ethylene oxide gas sterilization procedure for each suture, guaranteeing safety during usage.

This product meets the highest industrial standards, offering unwavering performance and reliability.

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The Absorbable Synthetic Braided Suture DEC2 (3/0) with 26mm Needle - Box of 36 is an essential instrument for surgical procedures. This suture, crafted from top-quality polyglycolic acid (PGA), similar in structure to natural collagen, is a reliable, synthetic braided thread with outstanding performance.

Enhanced Features:

  • Internal Suture Specialist: Tailored for internal stitches, this suture ensures smooth surgical procedures and optimal patient comfort.
  • Durable and Secure: Composed of synthetic, absorbable braided PGA, the suture exhibits high tensile strength and excellent knot security, providing reliable support for healing tissues.
  • Smooth Penetration: The 26mm, 3/8 circle, triangular-point needle enhances navigation through tissues, ensuring an efficient suturing process.
  • Sterile and Single-Use: Ensuring uncompromised safety, every suture is sterile and single-use. Ethylene oxide gas, known for its extensive microbial and sporicidal properties, is used for sterilization.

Safety and Storage:

  • Sterile Packaging: Each suture is individually packaged in a sterile peel pack, ensuring top-notch safety and cleanliness. There are 36 such sutures in every box.
  • Responsible Disposal: To avoid potential hazards, used sutures with needles should be disposed in a sealed container & incinerated under controlled conditions.
  • Optimal Storage Conditions: To maintain its quality and effectiveness, this suture should be stored in cooler temperatures, avoiding high humidity environments.

With 36 sutures per box, the Absorbable Synthetic Braided Suture DEC2 (3/0) with 26mm Needle serves as an excellent tool for surgical processes. Please note that this product description may not cover all information. Please refer to the product packaging and labeling for complete details and instructions.

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