Foldable Stretcher - Efficient and Comfortable Patient Transport Tool

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Foldable Stretcher: The Epitome of Seamless, Efficient Patient Transport

Introducing a highly efficient, foldable stretcher for safe and quick patient transportation ideal for ambulances, healthcare setups, and emergency care units. Designed with unparalleled durability and seamless operation.

  • Smooth Operation: Simplifies patient transportation
  • Extendable handles: Facilitates effortless lifting
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Endures all-weather conditions
  • Designed for Decontamination: Upholds hygiene through easy cleanups after each use
  • Fire-Resistant: Enhances safety index

With an outstanding load-bearing capacity of 150kg, it aids in critical care areas, wards, and other healthcare environments. Regular sanitation after each usage is necessary. Belongs to category IDs – 444: Additional COVID-19 Medical Equipment & Supplies, 542: Additional Storage Containers, 476: Additional TCM Equipment.

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Foldable Stretcher: The Model of Efficient, Smooth Patient Transport

Ensure the safe and efficient transport of your patients with our top-of-the-line Foldable Stretcher. Highly praised and widely used in ambulances and health facilities, this technologically advanced stretcher aims to maximize patient comfort while ensuring uncompromised operational ease for healthcare professionals.

Key Features:

  • Patient-friendly design that is effortlessly functional for ultimate convenience.
  • Extractable handles designed to optimize lifting efficiency while prioritizing the safety of healthcare professionals.
  • Durable structure capable of surviving in the most severe environments, including tropical climates, thanks to its anti-corrosive capabilities.
  • Friendly to chlorine-based cleaning for its easy decontamination, promoting enhanced hygiene and patient safety.
  • The latest addition to our stretcher range displays heightened resilience with flame retardant properties, increasing patient safety during emergencies.

Material Composition:

  • The frame's high-strength material is composed of anodised aluminium, known for its unsurpassed durability.
  • A waterproof and easily cleanable cover boosts the stretcher's functionality and maintenance efficiency.

Dimensions & Load Capacity:

  • Compact yet spacious, the open size measures approximately 2000 x 550 x 150 mm (l x w x h), and the folded size reduces to about 2000 x 150 x 150 mm (l x w x h). The smart design ensures maximum utility with space efficiency.
  • Designed with a load capacity to handle up to 150 kg, it accommodates a wide range of patients comfortably and safely.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Recommended for use in emergency rooms, wards, and other healthcare settings, this stretcher guarantees efficient performance.
  • To retain its superior condition, ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection after each use.
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