Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors - Unparalleled Comfort and Mobility

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Experience superior comfort, adjustability, and mobility with the Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors. Key features include:

  • Mobility: Enabled by 5 swivel castors for seamless movement.
  • Adjustability: Incorporated with a height adjusting lever for versatile use.
  • Comfort: Equipped with a polyurethane foam seat for maximum seating comfort.
  • Durability: Constructed with rust-resistant stainless-steel to endure various climatic conditions.
  • Maintenance: Designed with non-hooded twin-wheel castors for simple maintenance.

Dimensions: 56-62 x 56-62 x 40-62 cm, with a 29-35 cm seat and 57-60 cm base diameter. Weighs approximately 5kg; assembly tools included.

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Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors for Unmatched Comfort and Mobility

Discover a new realm of comfort, adaptability, and mobility with our Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors. Ideal for diverse settings like homes, professional offices, or workshops, this stool embraces every aspect of your seating requirements and goes beyond just providing functionality.

Revolutionizing Seating with High-grade Features

  • Fortified carriage for unparalleled strength in conjunction with a quintet of swivel castors, offering unrestrained, smooth movement.
  • User-friendly lever for swift and convenient height alterations, ensuring maximum comfort for any height.
  • Luxurious, plush seating surface made from high-density polyurethane foam, serving more than just the purpose of sitting, but also providing ultimate comfort.
  • Durably structured with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making it ideal for humid and tropical climates.
  • Easily maintainable thanks to non-hooded twin-wheel castors, enhancing the life span of the stool.

Accommodating all shapes, sizes, and height preferences with its universal dimensions, the varied user preferences are well-addressed. The package includes essential assembly tools, facilitating an easy construct. Despite its robust features, this lightweight stool weighing approximately 5kg, offers effortless portability.

Boasting compliance with EAN 128 barcode standards, the Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors promises premium quality seating solution, surpassing your seating expectations.

Why restrict comfort and mobility when you can own a Versatile Adjustable Stool on Castors, reinventing seating like never before? Do not compromise on comfort and style, purchase today and revolutionize your seating experience!

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