Tabletop Electric Sterilizer, 40L Capacity: Ultimate Sterilization Solution

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Ensure optimum sterilization in your laboratory or clinic with the Tabletop Electric Sterilizer. Crafted with a durable Stainless Steel 316L exterior, this equipment boasts a 40L capacity and delivers reliable performance for approx 10 years. It features a front-loading door equipped with safety lock, an interactive display, and vital safety functionalities. The package includes 3 sterilizer baskets and 3 spare gaskets. This sterilizer product is covered by a 2-Year Limited Warranty. It is your ideal solution for achieving precision sterilization.

  • Key Features: Safety lock, Interactive display, Essential safety functionalities
  • Material: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Performance Longevity: 10 years
  • Additional Items Included: 3 sterilizer baskets, 3 spare gaskets
  • Warranty Details: 2-Year Limited Warranty
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Efficiency meets safety with the 'Tabletop Electric Sterilizer, 40L Capacity: The Ultimate Sterilization Solution'. Cementing a new standard in the world of sterilization, this high-quality device is geared towards delivering maximum hygiene and safety. Perfect for demanding environments such as laboratories, medical facilities, and other high-standard settings, this sterilizer complements your stringent cleanliness protocols.

Built to last, the sterilizer boasts of a 316L stainless steel construction, lauded for superior durability and longevity. It promises years of high-quality sterilization, establishing it as a reliable partner in your hygienic practices.

With its generous 40-liter capacity, it stands ready to accommodate a vast array of items. Its front-loading operation teamed with a safety-locking mechanism offer secure handling, reducing possible mishaps.

The other noteworthy feature is the 4.2-litre internal water tank. This inclusion simplifies sterilization while enhancing its overall efficiency, offering an unparalleled blend of convenience and quality.

  • Implements a robust 2.2 bars pressure and a temperature of 134u00b0C for effective sterilization.
  • Interactive display panel for easy and controlled operation.
  • Embedded with automatic alarming and safety functions in the panel that curb the risk during the sterilization process.
  • Complete sterilization package includes three sterilizer baskets and three spare gaskets.

The sterilizer is accredited under ISO 13485 and identified as a Class IIb device under EU MDR 2017/745. Additional adherence to safety standards such as IEC 60601-1:2005 A1:2012(E), IEC 61010-2-040:2015, ISO 14971, and EN 13060:2014 A1:2018 further guarantees its safety and reliability.

Optimum functionality of the sterilizer is achieved under a temperature range of 5u00b0C - 40u00b0C and humidity levels between 50% - 80% RH, demonstrating its adaptability to various environments.

Invest in the 'Tabletop Electric Sterilizer, 40L Capacity' to uphold the highest hygiene standards, protecting your staff and clients.

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