High-performance Stand with Single Bowl on Castors - Mobile & Versatile Solution | For Professionals and Homeowners

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High-performance Stand with Single Bowl on Castors – Ultimate Mobility & Versatility is a portable and versatile solution, crafted from premium Austenitic stainless steel 18/10 for durability. Standout features are:

  • Superior Durability: Outstanding corrosion resistance and long lifespan guaranteed due to Austenitic stainless steel 18/10.
  • High Versatility: Incorporated single bowl with adjustable volume (3-6L) ideal for various procedures.
  • Unmatched Mobility: Designed with five maneuverable castors, and fixed standing height for enhanced convenience.
  • Simplified Assembly: Comprehensive assembly set provided for a quick, hassle-free setup process.
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High-performance Stand with Single Bowl on Castors - Ultimate Mobility & Versatility for Professionals and Homeowners

Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience with our 'High-performance Stand with Single Bowl on Castors'. Crafted for professionals and homeowners alike, this unit combines superior functionality and advanced engineering principles to provide an exceptional mobile solution for numerous applications.

Unbeatable Features:

  • The unit features a high-capacity bowl with a volume ranging between 3-6L to handle high-intensity tasks seamlessly.
  • The stainless steel construction demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion, providing you long-term durability and reliable performance.
  • Equipped with five swivel casters, the stand allows seamless mobility while maintaining stability.
  • Optimized dimensions with a height of 100-105cm, a carriage base measuring 58-60cm, and a 30cm diameter bowl holder for diverse application needs.
  • Manufactured with robust materials like polypropylene or nylon, the carriage base, wheel bearing, caster frame, and bracket offer exceptional durability and resistance.
  • With a surprising load capacity of 10-11kg, this lightweight unit effortlessly meets your large capacity needs.
  • Easy assembly ensuring a hassle-free setup with detailed instructions and tools provided.
  • Eco-friendly packaging designed with a low footprint of 0.077cbm for environmentally-conscious shipping.

Whether for professional or domestic use, our 'High-performance Stand with Single Bowl on Castors' guarantees optimal productivity and convenience at an affordable price. Boost your efficiency and simplify your tasks with this incredible mobile solution today!

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