Vaginal Speculum Graves Model | Professional Gynaecological Examination Tool

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Vaginal Speculum – Graves Model is a prominent component in the realm of professional gynecology. Equipped with specific dimensions of 115mm length and 35mm width, this durable apparatus is crafted from high-quality, non-magnetic Austenitic steel. Its distinctive features include:

  • Model: Graves, specialized for encompassing examinations and stitching procedures.
  • Design: Created with a double-beaked, self-retaining layout for ease and comfort during usage.
  • Material: Non-quenched Austenitic steel, designed for extensive longevity and secure application.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: The instrument is designed for cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection after each use, keeping hygiene at its peak.
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Professional Vaginal Speculum Graves Model | Gynaecological Examination Tool

Our highly professional Vaginal Speculum Graves Model sets you up for successful gynaecological examinations. It is a choice tool in gynaecology due to its safe, comfortable, and effective design. Crafted from premium Austenitic steel, its durability and corrosion resistance are unmatched.

Superior Design

The speculum is based on the Graves model, known for its double-beaked, self-retaining design. This advanced design promotes maximum patient comfort and minimal hassle for the professional, making the gynaecological examinations smoother and faster.

Quality Material

Made from non-magnetic Austenitic steel, this speculum exhibits unbeatable strength and durability. The premium steel composition of 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, and 2-3% molybdenum prevents corrosion, ensuring the tool retains its top-notch quality use after use.

Suitable Dimensions

With dimensions of 115mm length and 35mm width, this speculum is compact for comfortable use and easy storage.

Safe and Convenient Packaging

The product is individually wrapped in plastic bags then boxed in batches of ten, ensuring safe storage and handling. The product label spells out all the information regarding the manufacturer, the product features, storage, and handling instructions, lot number, and units per package.

Easy Maintenance

With patient safety and product longevity as a priority, the Vaginal Speculum Graves Model must be cleaned, disinfected, and then steam sterilized after each use.


This speculum is also a part of our comprehensive Surgical Instrument Kit (S9910006), perfect for vaginal/cervical examinations and suturing. The availability of standalone and kit options gives flexibility to professionals according to their specific needs.

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