Spectrocem LE 52 Exact Pressure Regulator - The High-Efficiency Laboratory Pressure Regulator

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Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 52 – High-Efficiency Lab Pressure Regulator

  • Sophisticated stainless-steel laboratory-focused pressure regulator, proficient in delivering consistent outlet pressure metrics.
  • Employs groundbreaking ‘exact’ technology to manage corrosive, toxic gases and gas mixtures with a quality rating of up to 6.0.
  • Features 2, 4, or 6 port options for flexible setup and can withstand inlet pressures of up to 300 bar.
  • Compact design comes with a central filter, making it safe and efficient for oxygen use with maximum outlet pressures between 1.5 to 20 bar.
  • Streamlines the process of gas flow adjustment in lab conditions, delivering precise, stable outcomes irrespective of gas-line supply pressures.
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Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 52 Exact: Your Ultimate Partner for High-Efficiency Laboratory Pressure Regulation

The Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 52 Exact is no ordinary pressure regulator. This top-tier device, specifically engineered for laboratory applications, ensures efficiency, safety, and reliability. Made with innovative design and quality construction, it provides a unique blend of practical features that cater to your industrial needs.

  • Consistency Redefined: The exact technology integrated into this device ensures a stable outlet pressure, minimizing unpredictable variables, thereby reinforcing the consistency of your results.
  • Adaptive Design: Offering configuration options of 2, 4, or 6 ports, it perfectly molds into your specific requirements. It's more than a pressure regulator, it's a solution tailored to your needs.
  • Supreme Pressure Handling: This versatile device proficiently handles corrosive, toxic gases and gas mixtures of diverse qualities, up to quality 6.0. With a maximum inlet pressure of 300 bar and outlet pressures ranging from 1.5 to 20 bar, your various pressure requirements are addressed.
  • Robust Construction: Made from the durable materials of Stainless steel 316L, PVDF, and Hastelloy C276, it offers an extended lifespan, saving you from frequent replacements.
  • Oxygen Safe and Efficient: Certified to be safe for use with oxygen and equipped with a central filter, it supports a wide array of applications, enhancing your lab functionality.
  • Error-Free Functionality: Performance is key, and with a minuscule Leak rate of 1 x 10-8 mbar l/s He, this device promises accurate, reliable, and disruption-free operations.
  • Temperature Tolerance: With an operational temperature range of -30°C to 60°C, it can thrive in various working conditions, adding a layer of adaptability to its features.

The Spectrocem Line Pressure Regulator LE 52 Exact not only meets your laboratory pressure regulation expectations but surpassed them. Boasting superior functionality, high-quality materials, and a user-friendly approach, it stands as your irreplaceable companion for exact and flexible laboratory pressure regulation.

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