Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25 - Premium Specimen Collection Tool

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Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25: Superior Specimen Collection Device for Xpert HPV Assay

The Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25 is a widely applicable device designed for efficient specimen collection in Xpert HPV Assay diagnostic examinations. This tool exhibits:

  • Compatibility with Xpert HPV Assay, ensuring reliable results.
  • Versatility in application; usable as a broom-style or endocervical brush/spatula device.
  • Durability and lifespan ensured by high-grade construction materials.
  • A 25-unit pack, providing adequate supply.
  • Applicability in various health care environments including hospitals and laboratories.
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Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25: Premium Quality Specimen Collection Tool Ideal for Xpert HPV Assay

The Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25 is a superior tool designed for precision and reliability in specimen collection for Xpert HPV Assay. Each pack features 25 uniquely designed tools emphasizing both convenience and efficiency. Redefine your medical practice with this vital device that ensures seamless control during specimen collection and incredibly accurate test results.

Key Features

  • Versatile functionality: Operates as a broom-like device or an endocervical brush/spatula combination for flexible application.
  • Compatibility: Aligns perfectly with Xpert HPV Assay/10 - GXHPV-CE-10 and applies effectively with cervical specimens collected in PreservCyt Solution.
  • Premium Construction: Robust and durable build quality that offers secure grip and effective specimen collection.
  • Indispensable tool: A must-have for professionals aiming to give precise diagnostic results, facilitating successful diagnostic process.

Experience Quality and Efficiency in Specimen Collection

The Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25 is a testament to quality and performance. It's a promising addition to your medical toolkit, designed to maximize comfort, control, and success in every application. Invest in the Spec.Coll.Brush/Spatula-25 and revolutionize specimen collection in your practice today.

Product Code: CERVEXBRUSH25

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