ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 Essential Spare Part Kit: Driving Uninterrupted Operations

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Guarantee continuous operations with the tailored ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 Essential Spare Part Kit. Comprised of high-efficiency components, this kit is your solution to minimize downtime and promote productivity.

  • Compressor (IMPC151): Enhances machinery efficiency, boosting overall performance.
  • Controller (IMP152): Enables flawless compressor management, ensuring consistent operations.
  • Fan Set (IMP144): Promotes optimal ventilation, affirming unit longevity.
  • Capacitor (ZLFDC): Supports dependable energy storage, maintaining operability.
  • Surge Protector (ELSP15): Safeguards machinery from voltage instabilities, securing operation safety.

This kit is quintessential for immediate repairs, facilitating an elevated operation cycle.

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ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 Essential Spare Part Kit: Uninterrupted Operation Solution

Your Comprehensive Solution to Uninterrupted Operations:

The ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 Essential Spare Part Kit is specifically designed to ensure smooth operation by minimizing downtime. Engineered to perfection, these vital components improve productivity and prolong the durability of ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 units.

Package Contents:

  • IMPC151- Compressor
  • IMP152 - Compressor Controller
  • IMP144 - Fan Set
  • IMP145 - Condenser
  • IMP012 - Electronic Card
  • ELSP15 - 24V Surge Protector
  • ZLFDC - Capacitor

These carefully selected components enable continuous operation of your units. The kit is recommended for periodically maintaining every 10 units of ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052, thereby minimizing downtime and improving productivity.


  • Inclusive of vital components such as a capacitor, surge protector, and electronic card.
  • Ensures high performance and extended life of machinery.
  • Essential for extended operation and maintenance.
  • Designed to maintain 10 units of ZLF150DC-M1 E003/052 default.
  • Reduces idle hours and maximizes productivity.

Additional resources and support can be found in the Cold Chain Support Package or the Supply Catalogue. Also, consider pairing with Spare Set S0005154 for comprehensive unit coverage.

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