Spare Set for VLS024SDD E003/069 – Your Essential Maintenance Parts Kit

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Spare Set for VLS024SDD E003/069 – Essential Maintenance Parts Kit

An indispensable set for VLS024SDD E003/069 users, this kit ensures smooth operation and convenient maintenance. The package includes components such as a Compressor, Electronic thermostat/controller, Fan Set, Thermometer, and Electronic control unit.

  • Fit-for-Purpose: Tailored specifically for VLS024SDD E003/069 compatibility.
  • Maintenance Assistance: Facilitates easy serviceability, preventing potential operational issues.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Incorporates vital parts including a Compressor, Electronic thermostat/controller, Fan Set, Thermometer, and an Electronic control unit, for maintaining a high level of performance.

This kit is strongly recommended for users seeking to uphold optimal performance, although it’s not a compulsory requirement for every unit.

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The 'Spare Set for VLS024SDD E003/069 - Essential Maintenance Parts Kit' is your ultimate solution to ensure the optimal functioning and extended durability of your VLS 024 SDD E003/069 units. Comprising of five vital components, this spare set is a recommended investment for efficient maintenance and to prevent potential downtime. Catering to ten units, this kit can help you maintain the continuous operation of your device.

  • Compressor - Part No. 8-036510223: The heart of your device, the Compressor is key to the cooling mechanism, ensuring efficient temperature stabilization.
  • Electronic Thermostat/Controller - Part No. 702090013: This component is akin to the device's sensory system, offering precise temperature monitoring and regulation.
  • Fan Set - Part No. 7090403: Just like the respiratory system, the Fan Set ensures optimum air circulation to maintain peak performance.
  • Thermometer - Part No. 7020287-03: An accurate temperature gauge, the Thermometer allows real-time temperature monitoring, enhancing the safety and reliability of the device.
  • Electronic Control Unit - Part No. 6520845: Embedded within the Compressor, the Electronic Control Unit is the device's command center, automating its operations.

For added support resources and information, please refer to the Cold Chain Support Package and the Supply Catalogue. Prepare for a seamless maintenance journey and minimize potential downtime with the 'Spare Set for VLS024SDD E003/069 - Essential Maintenance Parts Kit'.

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