Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072: Your Comprehensive Refrigeration Unit Maintenance Solution

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The Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072 is a premium kit for thorough maintenance of refrigeration appliances. It includes a Secop BD35K Compressor, Secop Electronic Control Unit, MCB Fridge, Dulas ILR Controller and precision Temperature probes. These key components foster extended lifespan and optimal performance of commercial or domestic refrigerators.

  • High Efficiency: The compressor and control unit ensure potent refrigeration while promoting energy-saving.
  • Safety Measures: The integrated MCB fridge safeguards against electrical hitches and overloads.
  • Easy Management: Real-time data and notifications are provided by the Dulas ILR controller for effortless equipment management.
  • Regulated Temperature: The precise temperature probes favor constant temperature control, preventing unwanted fluctuations.
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Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072: The Ultimate Maintenance Solution for Your Refrigeration Systems

Achieve optimal operational efficiency and maximise the lifespan of your refrigeration units with our Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072 - a comprehensive maintenance kit comprising high-quality components from industry leaders like Secop and Dulas. This all-inclusive kit is designed to ensure your cooling units deliver superior performance while minimising downtime.

Kit Components:

  • Secop BD35K Compressor (Part No. 101Z0211): A high-efficiency, robust compressor crucial in providing consistent refrigeration.
  • Secop Electronic Control Unit (Part No. 101N0420): An advanced control mechanism designed to maintain the efficient operation of your refrigeration unit.
  • MCB Fridge (Part No. 693-CBTWF060C0): A crucial component that shields the unit from electrical faults, ensuring the safe operation of your refrigeration system.
  • Dulas ILR Controller: A top-notch unit that manages the efficient running of the system, thus improving its performance.
  • Temperature Probes (Part No. SN4B15P1): Essential in monitoring temperature accuracy which is vital for the longevity of stored goods.

Benefit from:

  • Consistent Performance: Regular replacement of components with those in this kit will optimize the functioning of your refrigeration units.
  • Superior Quality: Thanks to our sourcing from industry leaders like Secop and Dulas, you can be assured of the reliability and durability of all the parts in this kit.
  • Ready Availability: Our spare parts are always in stock, accommodating urgent replacements and thereby avoiding unexpected operational downtime.
  • Cost Efficiency: Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072 reduces the financial burden of having to replace the entire unit.

Maximize the potential and longevity of your refrigeration units with Spare Set VC225ILR E003/072. For more compatible products, explore our website or product catalog.

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