High-Performance Essential Spare Set for MK 204 E003/011: Achieve Superior Refrigeration Efficiency

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Enhance the longevity and efficiency of your MK 204 E003/011 refrigerators with our High-Performance Essential Spare Set. It comprises:

  • Compressor – FR6G HST (Part No: 8-036038754), offering efficient cooling, low noise, and power consumption.
  • Thermostat (Part No: 7020292), allowing precise temperature regulation.
  • Starting Device 117U6000 (Part No: 6520048), enabling smooth compressor startup and lower power draw.
  • Solar Thermometer (Part No: 7020164), for accurate temperature readings.

Suggested for use in hospitals, research labs, universities, etc. Pair with product: S0002395 for extended capability.

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Unlock Optimal Efficiency with High-Performance Essential Spare Set for MK 204 E003/011

The High-Performance Essential Spare Set for MK 204 E003/011 is a comprehensive solution designed to prolong and optimize the lifespan of your refrigeration units. This indispensable kit equips your system with the vital parts necessary to maintain peak operational efficiency for up to 10 units. It thus offers an unmatched blend of quality, durability, and performance – making it a crucial addition to your refrigeration concerns.

Components Engineered for Unrivaled Performance

This meticulously curated spare set includes:

  • Compressor - FR6G HST, Complete, R134a, Part No.8-036038754: Designed to serve as the core of the refrigeration system, the compressor compresses the coolant and circulates it through the condenser and evaporator, guaranteeing incredible efficiency and superior cooling.
  • Thermostat, Part No.7020292: This component diligently controls the fridge's temperature, ensuring your stored items maintain optimal freshness by preventing unwanted temperature fluctuation.
  • Starting device, 117U6000, Part No.6520048: Crucial for initiating system functionality, this device works as the ignition switch, stimulating the compressor.
  • Thermometer, solar, Part No.7020164: This solar-powered thermometer offers accurate temperature readings, allowing you to know your unit's exact internal temperature.

Sustain Operational Excellence and Minimize Downtime

Equip your refrigeration units with the Essential Spare Set for MK 204 E003/011 to reduce unneeded downtime and ensure uninterrupted operation. This kit ensures your systems continue to function at their best, delivering reliable cooling with minimum interruptions. Prepare for contingencies and enhance your operational readiness with this all-inclusive spare kit.

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For the needs of broader coverage and diverse functionality, consider our superior product S0002395 and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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