Spare Set for HTC-60H E003/056 - Essential Components for Optimized Performance

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Spare Set for HTC-60H E003/056 – Essential Components for Operation and Maintenance

  • Unique Design: Exclusively made for HTC-60H E003/056, ensuring perfect compatibility and fit.
  • Improved Durability: Comes with vital spare parts to amplify consistent performance and avoid unexpected failures.
  • Efficient Use: Ideally constructed for maintenance of every 10 units of HTC-60H E003/056.
  • Convenient: Suitable for both expert service personnel and DIY hobbyists, easing application process.

Protect the shelf-life and superior performance of HTC-60H E003/056 equipment with this crucial spare parts set. Invest wisely for the effective management of your mechanical assets now!

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Product Overview:

The Spare Set for HTC-60H E003/056 is a meticulously assembled collection of essential components built to ensure optimum operation and maintenance. Designed with reliability and performance in mind, add peace of mind and uninterrupted performance to your HTC-60H E003/056 operation with this back-up kit.

The spare part set includes the vital components such as the compressor, compressor controller, cooling fans, switches and controllers, thermo-sensors, and dry filters. Each of them playing a pivotal role in the HTC-60H E003/056 system, contributing to its durability and efficiency.

Consider adding this to maintain smooth operation, prevent potential downtime, and enhance the lifespan of your HTC-60H E003/056 equipment.

Key Features:

  • Compressor - 0274000118A: Provides efficiency and reliability to system performance.
  • Compressor controller(E-Box) - 0274000118FJ: Ensures excellent performance control, managing compressor operations effectively.
  • Fan DC12V - 595-0074000329 (2 units): Designed for optimal cooling and system longevity.
  • Switch - 0274000354 & Power board - 0271800027A: Fundamental components for the smooth operation and control of the system.
  • Thermostat DC12V - 0274000185 & Thermostat sensor - 0274000185A: Detail-oriented components that maintain an optimal operating environment within the HTC-60H E003/056 systems.
  • Mechanical thermostat - 0074000154B & Dry filter - 0074180006: Ensuring operational effectiveness and system longevity.

Additional Information:

Although not compulsory, it is highly recommended to have this spare set for every 10 units of HTC-60H E003/056. Availability of a back-up set can be significant in preventing downtime and ensuring efficiency.

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