Best Bulk Purchase: Premium Spare Set for HBD-286 E003/003 Refrigerator Units | 10-Unit Pack

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The Premium Spare Set for HBD-286 E003/003 Refrigerator Units | 10-Unit Bulk Pack is a comprehensive solution for cooling unit maintenance. The pack combines essential components to maximize:



  • Performance: It includes a compressor, the key part of the cooling operation.
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  • Temperature control: The thermostat provides precise temperature management inside the unit.
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  • Cleanliness: A dry filter part ensures unit cleanliness, filtering unwanted contaminants.
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  • Air circulation: A fan boosts circulation of cooled air.
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  • Operational ease: A switch facilitates effortless interaction with the unit.
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  • Temperature monitoring: A thermo sensor constantly tracks inside temperature fluctuations.
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Premium Spare Set for HBD-286 E003/003 Refrigerator Units | 10-Unit Bulk Pack

Experience reliability, longevity and optimal performance with our Premium Spare Set for HBD-286 E003/003 refrigerator units. Ideal for businesses that value maintenance and peak efficiency, this 10-unit bulk pack reduces the need for frequent service requirements and ensures smooth operation of your cooling systems.

Key Components for Uninterrupted Refrigerator Function

  • Compressor (0070701332): A crucial part that maintains refrigerant pressure, guaranteeing consistent optimal cooling.
  • Thermostat (0074091494E): This component helps you precisely regulate the internal temperature of your refrigerator, providing optimal conditions for food storage.
  • Dry Filter Part (0074180002A): Keeps humidity at ideal levels within your refrigerator, extending the freshness of your food.
  • Fan (0075030020): Ensures uniform distribution of cold air within your refrigerator, providing evenly cool conditions.
  • Switch (0075050003): Offers seamless power control to your refrigerator, preventing abrupt interruptions.
  • Thermo sensor (0074091494C): Provides accurate internal temperature tracking of your refrigerator, facilitating necessary adjustments.

Invest in Proactive Maintenance

Our Premium Spare Set is a proactive solution designed to enhance performance, last longer and minimize potential critical failures and costly repairs. With every bulk purchase of this set, we assure an upgrade in performance, elongated lifespan for every turn of 10 units of HBD-286 E003/003 refrigerators. Keep your costs low, maintain peak performance levels, and enjoy extended equipment life with our well-crafted Spare Set.

Note: Always ensure installations and replacements are carried out by licensed technicians for safety and efficient outcome.

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