HBC-80 Refrigeration Unit Spare Set: High-Quality Maintenance & Repair Parts

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Spare Set for HBC-80 Refrigeration Unit – Superior Maintenance & Repair

Maintain efficient operations with our bespoke HBC-80 refrigeration unit spare parts set. Swiftly respond to malfunction incidents and minimize downtime with our dedicated kit which consists of:

  • Dry Filter Part-0074180001: Sifts out impurities, ensuring smooth, efficient operations.
  • Compressor 0274000418: Provides consistent, efficient cooling, the unit’s lifeline.
  • Thermo Sensors-0274000353A & 0274000358: Enables precise temperature regulation, resulting in peak performance.

For optimal performance, keep a spare set for every ten units. However, this isn’t a requisite.

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Spare Set for HBC-80 Refrigeration Unit: Superior Maintenance & Repair Parts

Enhance the longevity of your HBC-80 Refrigeration Unit with our Spare Set, specifically designed to ensure preventive maintenance and efficient cooling. Our comprehensive set includes high-quality, essential components crucial for optimal refrigeration function.

Essential Components Overview

  • Dry Filter Part-0074180001: Filters out impurities and moisture for a clean refrigeration process
  • Overload Protectors 0274300008B (2 units): Shields your compressor motor from overheating, ensuring reliable performance
  • Switch 0075050003: Facilitates easy power control with a simple on/off operation
  • Thermo Sensors (0274000353A, 0274000358): Provides expert temperature monitoring, crucial for optimal cooling performance
  • Thermostat with Sensor 0274000352A: Regulates system's temperature efficiently for effective cooling
  • Compressor 0274000418: Crucial for regulated refrigerant circulation and maintaining desired temperature
  • Fan 0074000172: Ensures adequate cool air circulation within the unit, enhancing efficiency
  • Indicator 0075050018 and Displayer 0274000357 (2 units each): Offers valuable visual aids for easy system status monitoring
  • Sticker 0270501015A: Allows instant model identification and understanding of the unit

Each component in this set conforms to stringent quality standards, promoting the effortless and efficient operation of your HBC-80 unit.

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