Spare Set for HBC-260 E003/087: Ultimate Refrigeration Backup Solution | Essential Refrigeration Spare Parts

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Spare Set for HBC-260 E003/087: Your Ultimate Refrigeration Backup Solution

This all-inclusive spare part kit is specially designed for HBC-260 E003/087 refrigeration systems. Ideal for enhancing operational efficiency and extending equipment lifespan, it includes a dry filter, switches, thermo sensors, a high-efficiency compressor, a quiet fan, sharp indicators, and clear displayers.

  • All-Inclusive Package: Everything required for premium refrigerator maintenance and performance, in a single kit.
  • Boosted Performance: Optimizes operational conditions, ensuring your refrigeration system always works at its best.
  • Safety First: Equipped with overload protectors to prevent overheating and electrical complications, safeguarding your equipment and workspace.
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Spare Set for HBC-260 E003/087: Your Ultimate Refrigeration Continuity Solution

Take your refrigeration performance to the next level with our exhaustive Spare Set for HBC-260 E003/087. Specifically engineered to support the impeccable function of your HBC-260 E003/087 refrigerator, this backup parts set is a reliable partner to your everyday operations, ensuring that your refrigerator's performance never gets compromised.

Uninterrupted Operation at Its Best

Our Spare Set offers you high-quality, durable components that collectively contribute towards the optimal performance of your refrigerator system. Whether you're looking to replace parts preventatively or reactively, this set from our collection has you covered to precisely meet your requirements and expectations.


  • Dry Filter: Focussed on improving the efficiency of your refrigerator system while prolonging its durability, our dry filter guarantees an impeccably clean system.
  • Overload Protector: Built to defend your refrigerator from potential damage due to unexpected power fluctuations, ensuring the continuity of your operations.
  • Switch: The central control hub of your refrigerator, commanding operations with a simple flip.
  • Thermo Sensor: Exceptionally accurate in controlling temperature fluctuations, reducing spoilage and wastage.
  • Thermostat with Sensor: Automated for maintaining optimal internal temperature, keeping your items fresh and in perfect condition.
  • Compressor: The core engine driving the refrigeration cycle, effectively managing the internal temperature.
  • Fan: Ensures the even circulation of cool air within the refrigerator, facilitating uniform temperature distribution.
  • Indicator & Displayer: Provides timely data about the operational status and internal temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Sticker: An extra brand sticker for maintaining the aesthetic continuity of your refrigerator.

Avoid future disruptions with our Spare Set for HBC-260 E003/087, a comprehensive solution to keep your refrigerator running smoothly and efficiently. It is highly recommended to have one of this set for every 10 refrigerator units for increased efficiency and reduced downtime. However, the decision to include this in your inventory hinges purely upon your specific needs and circumstances.

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