Spare Set for HBC-150 Refrigerators: Uninterrupted Operation Support

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Ensure the prime performance of your HBC-150 E003/088 refrigerators with our custom-made Spare Set per Ten HBC-150 E003/088. Vital for operational efficacy and durability, this pack includes:

  • Dry Filter: Removes harmful contaminants
  • 2 Overload Protectors: Prevents electrical malfunctions
  • Switch: Conserves energy
  • 2 Thermo Sensors: Provides precise temperature detection and regulation
  • Thermostat with Sensor: Offers optimized temperature control
  • Compressor: Delivers consistent cooling
  • Fan: Ensures optimum cooling and air circulation
  • 2 Indicators: Displays operating state
  • 2 Displayers: Provides clear setting visibility
  • Brand Sticker: Authenticates product

Per every 10 refrigerator units, fetch one spare set and ensure high-quality, efficient performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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Spare Set for HBC-150 Refrigerators: Essential Support for Uninterrupted Operation

Ensure the smooth and extended operation of your HBC-150 E003/088 refrigerators with our comprehensive spare part set. This specialized package comprises of vital components that cater to every aspect of the refrigeration cycle, facilitating optimal functionality and durability of your unit.

Our spare part set promotes preventative care, ensuring that your refrigeration system remains at peak performance always. Every component within our set serves a unique role in extending the lifecycle of your HBC-150 unit while enhancing its reliability. The key features of the set are:

  • Dry Filter (Part-0074180001): Eradicate debris and particles efficiently to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your system.
  • Overload Protectors (0274300008B): Protect your electrical circuits from overloads for uninterrupted system function.
  • Switch (0075050003): Ensure the smooth operation of electrical circuits within the unit.
  • Thermo Sensors (1x 0274000353A & 1x 0274000358): Maintain safe heat conditions within the unit.
  • Thermostat with Sensor (0274000352A): Sustain optimum temperature conditions within the HBC-150 unit.
  • Compressor (0274000418): Ensure the efficiency of the critical component to the refrigeration cycle.
  • Fan (0074000172): Prevent overheating, extending the life of your HBC-150 unit.
  • Indicators (0075050018): Receive necessary function alerts to stay updated on your unit's performance.
  • Displaters (0274000357): Get accurate data display for easy operation.
  • Sticker (0270501015A): Use for documentation and identification purposes.

For every ten units of HBC-150 refrigerators, we recommend one spare part set to maximize performance and longevity. Trust our spare set to deliver uninterrupted operation of your HBC-150 refrigerators.

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