Ultimate Maintenance Spare Set for GVR50AC-M1 E003/046 Refrigerators

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Maintain optimal performance of your GVR50AC-M1 E003/046 refrigerators using this comprehensive spare parts set. Includes:

  • Compressor: Condenses refrigerant gas, essential for efficient cooling.
  • Start Relay: Provides startup boost to compressor, enhancing refrigerator performance.
  • Fan Motor & Impeller: Ensures robust internal air circulation for consistent cooling.
  • Condenser: Effectively disperses heat, maintaining refrigeration system balance.
  • Electronic Control Card/Thermostat: Manages temperature and controls functions for temperature precision.
  • Voltage Stabilizer: Protects against voltage fluctuations, safeguarding your refrigerator.
  • Capacitor: Stores critical electrical energy for the compressor, supporting continuous operation.

Ideal for businesses aiming for simplified maintenance and efficient performance. Recommended purchase ratio is one set for every ten units.

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Spare Set for GVR50AC-M1 E003/046 Refrigerators: Your Ultimate Maintenance Solution

Ensure longevity and optimal performance of your GVR50AC-M1 E003/046 Refrigerators with our comprehensive spare parts set. This kit includes the most crucial components to facilitate seamless operations and upkeep the efficiency of your refrigeration systems. Positioned as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to system replacement, this spare set is an asset to your home or business.

Key components included:

  • Compressor (Part No. RCM 977 492 57): Essential for maintaining an efficient cooling cycle within your refrigerator. Timely compressor replacement is key to system longevity.
  • Start Relay (Part No. RRE 977 492 58): Initiates the compressor and, thereby, the entire cooling process. Faulty start relays can disrupt the refrigerator's performance.
  • Fan Motor (Part No. RFN 977 492 59): Facilitates effective circulation of cool air, preventing system overheating. Periodic replacement of the fan motor ensures peak performance.
  • Fan Impeller (Part No. RFM 977 492 78): Critical for precision air circulation. This component enhances cooling efficacy and energy efficiency.
  • Condenser (Part No. RCN 977 492 77): Plays a vital role in heat transfer; a well-functioning condenser ensures significant cooling performance.
  • Electronic Control Card/Thermostat (Part No. RCC 977 492 60): Regulates the unit's internal temperature and keeps the cooling system running at optimal levels.
  • Voltage Stabilizer (Part No. RCM 977 493 57): Protects your refrigerator from harmful power fluctuations, safeguarding electronic components.
  • Capacitor (Part No. RFN 977 492 63): Provides energy to the motor to support fluid operation and prevent damage.

Our spare set for GVR50AC-M1 E003/046 refrigerators provides a comprehensive solution to avoid significant system malfunction and avoid high repair costs. Promoting sustainable operation, it is a smart investment for the lifespan of your appliance.

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