Martin 320mm Uterine Sound - Accurate Uterine Depth Measurement Tool

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The Martin 320mm Uterine Sound is a high-grade medical tool designed for accurate uterine depth measurements. Key highlights:

  • Quality Construction: Features a flexible and user-friendly metal shaft that promises durability.
  • Precision Readings: Comes with a detailed scale, distinctly marked in centimeters for precise interpretations.
  • Advanced Tip Design: The product is integrated with a bulbous distal end that enhances functionality and user experience during procedures.
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The Martin 320mm Uterine Sound is a meticulously engineered medical instrument, designed to provide accurate measurements of uterine depth. Boasting an adjustable metal shaft, it is prominently graduated in centimeters for optimum accuracy and ease of reading. Its shank, terminating in a smooth, bulbous end, is crafted for a seamless user experience and optimized functionality. This instrument is ideal for professionals seeking a reliable, comfortable, and precision-based tool for uterine depth measurements.

  • Supreme Accuracy: Each unit is graduated in centimeters for precise measurement and easy readability.
  • Optimal Control: It features a malleable shank for effortless navigation within the uterine cavity.
  • Comfortable Design: Its bulbous distal end ensures comfortable use, reducing patient discomfort.
  • Unmatched Durability: The use of silver-coated copper for the shaft, coupled with a sturdy brass handle, ensures longevity.
  • Flexible Length: With an extended length of approximately 32cm, this tool accommodates a wide range of uterine sizes.

Instructions for Use: The Martin 320mm Uterine Sound is intended for vaginal insertion to measure the depth of the uterine cavity accurately. Manufacturer's guidelines must be strictly adhered to when using this product.

Safety Instructions: This product must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized after each use, following the recommended sterilization protocol for steam sterilizers. Ensuring sterilization before each use is fundamental to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

This product's packaging guarantees user-friendliness, bearing the necessary product details, manufacturer's reference, storage conditions, and handling instructions. This uterine sound's importance is underscored by its inclusion in the Surgical Instrument Curettage Set (S9910002), where it plays a critical role.

In conclusion, the Martin 320mm Uterine Sound is a top-of-the-range instrument for healthcare professionals. It perfectly balances precision, comfort, and durability to provide an optimal experience.

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