Haier HTCD-90: Top-Tier Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator & Freezer for Vaccine Storage

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Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator & Freezer, Haier HTCD-90: A plug-and-play system, specifically designed for efficient vaccine storage. It features:

  • Vaccine Storage Capacity: 37.5 liters of optimized preservation space.
  • Exceptional Freeze Protection: Ensures vaccine safety with Grade A freeze protection.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: Performs efficiently within ranges of 5u00b0C to 43u00b0C.
  • Added Security: Reinforced protection through power switches, temperature monitoring, fuses, and a lockable lid.

Particularly suited for areas with unstable electricity supply, this superior solution guarantees effective preservation and safe storage of vaccines.

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Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator & Freezer, Haier HTCD-90: Superior Solution for Vaccine Storage

The Haier HTCD-90 Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Refrigerator & Freezer serves as a premium choice for effective vaccine preservation. Boasting impressive efficiency, reliability, and performance metrics, this one-stop vaccine storage solution is perfect for medical institutions of any scale.

Locking in user-friendly convenience, this model presents seamless plug-and-play deployment. It offers a promising vaccine storage capacity of 37.5 liters and a controlled temperature environment for optimal vaccine and sensitive medical supplies conservation. Plus, its water-pack freezing capacity of 2.43 kg per 24 hours enhances its refrigeration capability and helps improve the longevity of valuable medical resources.

Key Features of the Haier HTCD-90

  • Operational in a wide range of ambient temperatures between 5°C and 43°C, making it optimal for a variety of environmental settings.
  • Invest in the security of your vaccines with the top-grade Freeze Protection feature.
  • Integrated solar power system ensures environmentally sustainable and economical operation by adjusting power usage according to climate and external temperatures.
  • Enhanced safety features include a temperature monitoring device, ON/OFF power switch, 10 fuses, and a lockable lid with keys.
  • Assured reliability with a two-year replacement warranty, and a remarkable 25-year warranty on the solar module power output up to 80% of the initial power rating.

Aside from its superior refrigeration capabilities, the Haier HTCD-90 comes with built-in freeze protection, outstanding climate adaptability, and a long-term warranty for the solar power system. It serves as a robust safeguard and a trusted solution for all your vaccine storage needs.

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