High-Efficiency Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator and Freezer for Vaccine Storage - Sustainable Vaccine Protection

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High-Efficiency Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator & Freezer for Vaccine Storage

  • Design: Engineered specifically for the storage and preservation of vaccines.
  • Temperature: Maintains optimal storage conditions to ensure vaccine potency.
  • Storage Capacity: Features a net vaccine storage volume of 36 litres.
  • Freezer Capabilities: Has the ability to freeze 1.8 kg of a water-pack within a 24-hour period.
  • Robust: Operates efficiently in ambient temperatures ranging from 5°C to 43°C.
  • Power: Reliable operation using a Solar Direct Drive system.
  • Add-ons: Equipped with an electronic temperature logger & Remote Temperature Monitoring Device.
  • Usage: Perfect solution for medical facilities and clinics in need of dependable vaccine storage.
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High-Efficiency Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator and Freezer for Vaccine Storage

An epitome of efficiency and versatility, the B Medical TCW40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator and Freezer is a groundbreaking device engineered for optimal, reliable, and eco-friendly storage of vaccines. Leveraging advanced solar power systems, this dual-purpose refrigerator and freezer offers exceptional performance, remarkable safety measures, and innovative environmental suitability.

Distinguished Performance and User-friendly Interface

Designed with ample storage space, the refrigerator section boasts a massive storage volume of 36 liters. This is complemented by an ultra-efficient freezer that can freeze 1.8kg of water-pack in 24 hours. Delivering reliable performance even in extreme temperature conditions (5℃ to 43℃), the unit includes a user-friendly, customized solar power system to minimize dependence on traditional energy sources.

Unmatched Safety and Precision

The product provides superb freeze protection ensuring the safety of vaccines against freezing temperatures. An integrated 30-day electronic temperature logger aids precise temperature tracking and monitoring. The lockable lid, equipped with two keys and a basket, guarantees added security, preserving the viability and efficacy of stored vaccines.

Package Inclusions, Shipping Information & Guarantees

The package comes with comprehensive user installation and technician manuals, making installation and maintenance effortless. The product accompanied with 10 replaceable extra fuses of each type, and a user-friendly compass for ideal unit placement. The product provides a harmonious balance between high durability and performance with a 2-year warranty on the refrigerator/freezer and a 25-year warranty on the solar module's power output.

Environment-friendly and Sustainable

The B Medical TCW40SDD Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator and Freezer proves its sustainability commitment by employing R600a refrigerant type. Accommodating user requirements, the package includes manuals available in multiple languages. Toolkits and spare parts can be sourced upon request.

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